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The Lilith Quotient. I haz it.

After piecing together a desktop from scavenged parts, much frustration, much swearing, a lesson in customer service to the Microsoft people, more swearing, driver issues, network issues, internet connection issues, more swearing, a threat or two and just a bit more swearing, I have rescued The Lilith Quotient from the depths of the hard drive grave.

I couldn’t have done it without help from our friends from Philly, Diana and Biancs, but I have it.

Now I’m copying a ton of other files, but the novel is safely recovered. I need a drink.

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The Nearest Book Meme – This Time It’s Different

O RLY?Ok, the meme is the same as the last two times I did this, but Bob tagged me and this time my answer is kinda special. I don’t currently have any books near the computer, but I do have one in the computer.

1. Grab the nearest book (that is at least 123 pages long).
2. Open to p. 123.
3. Go down to the 5th sentence.
4. Type in the following 3 sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Now, you’re actually supposed to guess which book I’m quoting, but that wouldn’t be possible.

I’ll tell you why, below the fold.

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One Hundred Pages

I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogoverse lately. There’s a couple reasons for that. For one thing, I’ve just been in a quiet mood. Not down or anything, just quiet.

For another, I’ve been making progress on my novel, The Lilith Quotient. I was stuck for the longest time. I had some vague ideas of things I wanted to do, but each time I tried to implement them, they just came out crappy. Recently the massive mental block I had began to crack and words began to flow a little better.

Some of the issue is anal retentiveness, I think. I made some notes throughout the copy I had in hand, like “add this here” or “rewrite this transition” with the intent of moving the story along and then coming back to clean up a little. Unfortunately, as they accumulated, they sat in the back of my mind, nagging me to distraction, so I couldn’t write chapter seven because I was distracted by something back in chapter three.

I finally just forced myself to begin at the beginning, and tend to every single note before I moved on. I looked at the first note. I stared at it. I read and re-read all the text leading up to that note. Days passed. Hair grew six inches on my legs. Presidents came and went, and still I stared at that note. I finally had an idea about it, ran with it, wrote it down. It sucked, but it was forward progress. I reworked it. Better. I reworked it again, better still. I stared, I thought, they fed me liver and macaroni and cheese with a tube. I worked at it. I got it to where I could live with it and move on.

I made a point of reading all your blogs once in the morning and once at night, and only commenting if I just couldn’t control myself. The withdrawal symptoms wracked my body and mind, but I persevered through the pain. I got a feed reader to lessen the temptation and speed up my surfing. The notes called to me.

The next note went a little easier, and the next one easier than that. I re-read the text from beginning to the next note. I made more notes, then addressed them.

After much work, I’m proud to say I’ve taken care of all the notes and I’m moving forward. Yesterday, I cracked a hundred pages, and the story is still moving. It’ll still need work when I’m done, but it’s together enough that it’s not nagging me anymore. Words have always come easily to me, so this is entirely outside my experience. I think it’s just a matter of the length. I’ve never attempted to write anything so very long as a novel.

I sent out a couple of copies for feedback, and I’ve gotten a few suggestions and assists.

Now my blog is collecting cobwebs, and it’s beginning to nag at me, so I’m posting this as much to shut my brain the frack up as much as I am to give you an update. I limited my time for this post to five minutes, so forgive me if it’s a little rough.

I’m happy now. I’m going back to the novel.

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The Lilith Quotient, Part The Fifth

<—Read Part The Fourth

From watching many years pass, I’ve learned that it’s only in retrospect that we really understand the significance of events in our lives. I often look back now and view my life as a series of books and chapters. The first chapter of the first book of my life encompasses all of the years before I met Kate. Then there’s the brief chapter before our wedding, and the chapter after our wedding, the latter being mostly about fighting a rear-guard action against what would eventually become our arch nemesis, the plague that is the Pax.

The second book begins the day I walked out of the rejuvenation clinic for the first time. It was very much a new beginning. I had never been more than 18 on the inside, but by the time of the denouement of the first book, even I had begun to notice that the body was not keeping pace with the spirit, and even the spirit was slowing down. When I walked out of the clinic, I was reborn in both body and spirit. The second book of my life is filled with chapters of wonder and amazement, eventually flitting through space with Kate and later Kristine as well, adventures in exploration, daring escapades of defiance of the Pax. We saw ourselves as the pirates and raiders of the blackness between the stars, the Robin Hoods of Vacuum.

Though I may have had an inkling at the time, it’s only looking back now that I fully understand that this evening at Matt’s secret hideaway was the beginning of the third book. This massage was the opening line of chapter one.

After an hour or so I was feeling completely relaxed and at ease in my comfortable oblivion. The hands of Kristine and Matt on my body were the harmonies of a lullaby, and added to the three reddish orange drinks I’d finished and whatever Matt was spiking them with, I was as calm as the Dalai Lama on holiday.

Matt was again astride my thighs, and was leaning forward to rub the backs of my arms, which were stretched out in front of me above my head and resting on padded appendages to the table. I was entranced with the rhythm of his slowly breathing chest against my back, the weight of his body pressing down on me like a form fitted quilt, warm and soothing.

Further back, a long lost friend was knocking at the door requesting admittance. Never one to be rude, I pushed my hips upwards and granted him entrance.

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The Lilith Quotient, Part The Fourth

<—Read Part The Third

Being enveloped in Matt’s strong arms was incredibly comforting. It was just where I needed to be, just when I needed to be there. I would have thought it would have taken a pry bar to get me loose from there. I was wrong.

“She’s pretty banged up, Liz. Can you fix her?”

“Jesus H., Matt! I dunno. That looks pretty bad. I’d say she’s ready for the heap.”

I tried to rip free to give this Liz a good talking to. Matt held me tightly captive with one hand pinned behind my back, and clamped his other over my mouth, but in such a way as it would have appeared to anyone else as a gesture of consolation.

“Do what you can, Liz. Let me know if there’s any hope for her. Otherwise sell her to the scrap yard for the best price you can.”

I was nearing a full on panic. We had poured a lot of love and a lot of hours into customizing and improving the systems on the Mirror. She was as much our friend and lover as she was our means of transportation, and I was not about to just let her go to the scrap heap because of a little ding in the bumper. Truthfully, the damage to the Mirror was bad, but not so extensive she couldn’t be fixed, and Matt’s sudden change had thoughts of capture and escape at the forefront of my mind. I saw Matt give the slightest turn of his head toward Kristine, who I couldn’t quite see. I suspected she was about to throttle him.

I tried to keep telling myself that it was impossible. Matt hated the Pax as much as we did. He’d never turn me over to them. But as much as I wanted to trust my gut, the fact was I was his captive and his hostage against any reprisal from an unarmed Kristine.

“Just do as I fucking say for once, Janie. It’ll all be over soon.”

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The Lilith Quotient, Part The Third

<—Read Part The Second

“There is no body.”

Kristine’s offer was touching, but foolish. She knew that, but that wouldn’t have stopped her in this case. Unfortunately, it was also impossible.

True enough, the Vox would have jettisoned Kate’s body into space before leaving, but there was no body to jettison. There was a special punishment reserved for the most egregious of blasphemers, and Kate and I were at the top of that list. Though Tardicus didn’t know about Kristine, I felt pretty sure that whoever was responsible for my rescue had just joined me there in Kate’s place.

One of the saddest recurring themes of human history is that someone always finds a way to twist scientific discovery into some form of killing machine. In this case, the same technology that was used to transport matter from one place to another had been corrupted to turn people into batteries.

When Tardicus fired his weapon at Kate, her every molecule was instantly transformed into a beam of light. The ship’s computer would have automatically absorbed this enormous amount of energy and channeled it directly into the Vox‘s power cells.

“She’s doing ‘penance’.”

Kristine was silent for a moment before she could find the words that needed to be asked eventually. “Where to?”

“Carthage. We’re going to see an old friend.”

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The Lilith Quotient, Part The Second

<—Read Part The First

Tardicus wasn’t going to get the satisfaction of seeing my tears. It took everything I had in me to not let that happen. With my jaw clenched so tightly it hurt, I nearly succeeded.

One single tear managed to escape, and began to roll down my cheek. One single silent word of eulogy to the first and greatest Love of my very long life.

I imagine Tardicus fancied himself the Angel of Death, visiting his touch on deserving heathens. I fancied him a hypocritical psychopath with a god complex, much more like his not-really-a-secret lover Javison than he’d care to admit.

Rejuv techniques had come a long way since they were first invented. I was in my late fifties when Dr. Lene Hau’s discoveries were finally turned toward medical applications, and nearly seventy when I first entered a rejuvenation clinic. Waking up to an eighteen year old body was quite a shock, but the center had very skilled counselors on hand to help with the transition. Most of them had been through the experience of old age themselves, which added to their ability to help guide people through the surprise.

These days, a rejuv would not only reset your biological clock, but was quite capable of fixing all manner of chemical imbalances in the brain. It was no accident that Tardicus and Javison were left exactly as criminally insane as they were. Albert needed them this way.

I was about to echo my Lover’s last words when the Vox bucked violently under my knees.

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The Lilith Quotient, Part The First

I hated the Pax.

The Pax Praepositus had taken over everything. It permeated every facet of life. In most places, a person could hardly take a piss without the Pax’s permission and oversight. It imposed its will on every species it came across, either by subjugation or extermination. Converto vel Intereo was scrawled on the hull of every ship in the Pax’s fleet. Convert or Die. Any sentient species that looked a little too human or not quite human enough didn’t even get the first choice.

It altered history in whatever way it saw fit, corrupted science to suit its own warped view of reality. The Pax had installed its twisted religion as the basis for universal central government and it was headed by the biggest con-artist in human history. Pope Albert I was “Man’s Mediator Before God, Amen”. In every place on every planet the Pax touched, he was God, for all intents and purposes. And the pompous fuck had a thing for ancient Latin, and for keeping the masses illiterate. Very few of us remained that could still read and write in any language, let alone Latin. It was no accident.

Nobody was really sure how many people lived under the Pope’s banner, or even how many species, except maybe that insipid little bean counter of his, Caldovar. Caldovar was a bootlicking psychopath with a taste for torture, but the spine of a jellyfish. Anyone who crossed him or even looked at him funny found themselves in restraints, Caldovar’s helpless play thing. His other sick personal passion was to track the numbers. How many before and how many after the purges.

There was a nearly infinite number of reasons to hate the Pax on ideological grounds.

But most of all I hated the Pax Praepositus for personal reasons. The Pax had killed Kate.

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