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Happy Birthday, Mr. Haubrich

E3 Beauty. by G2 Pics @ FlickrDamn it. I wasn’t supposed to be working interrogations this week.

I was risking blowing three years of work on the force, not to mention my life, but I didn’t have any choice. This case was too important to not push my way onto it.

I had just pulled the waistband of the mini up over my hips when Becky stepped around the long row of lockers. I was still deciding how I was going to explain my insistence on taking the case, and hadn’t worked out the details yet. I opted to distract her, to give me more time to think.

“I love those heels, Janie. When you bend over to put them on, it really does something for me.”

Yeah, I knew that. That’s why I did it. “You do?” Upside down, I batted my eyes at her from around my thighs, my voice dripping with playfully faux innocence. Becky might have been my boss, but she was putty in my hands. I strapped on the second shoe, and set my feet as wide as the skirt would allow.

“I think you might need to check to make sure I’m ready for duty, Captain.”

Becky smiled broadly, and stepped up close behind me. She reached up under my skirt and grabbed me roughly, dragging her fingers hard over my thong. Pulling it aside, she plunged two fingers inside and reached for the back of my head, yanking me halfway upright by my long auburn locks. After working her fingers around a moment, she pulled me upright and extracted her fingers. I let her spin me around to bring us nose to nose as she tasted her fingers, sucking one completely clean before offering me the second.

Staring straight into her eyes, I remained silent while I waited for her appraisal.

“Oh, I’m sure you’re ready, I could smell it from three feet away, you horny bitch. Our friend Mr. Haubrich won’t stand a chance against you with all that musk in the air.”

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Freedom and Seduction

the beauty of the machine by (aykayayciti) @ Flickr

the beauty of the machine by (aykayayciti) @ Flickr

Yesterday was the celebration of the anniversary of American Independence from Great Britain here in the States, as I’m sure you all know.  It is the 232nd year since that official date.

Mike Haubrich of Tangled Up in Blue Guy (he should be in your feed reader!) waxed damned near poetic yesterday on a different sort of independence than is usually associated with the day.  He eloquently contemplates independence of the mind, freedom from the thought police, liberty to imagine and dream and lust and think without bounds and without guilt or shame.

His words pierce elegantly, like a scalpel, as he offers commentary on the nature of the very worst evil of religion; coercion to surrender that one thing that cannot be taken from us by brute force.  It is coercion by seduction of the worst sort, and Mike muses on how my own seduction of his mind is so very different.

While the entire essay is insightful and wonderful, I am humbly flattered beyond words to know that I enchant him so completely, and am compelled by my own blushing pride to point out to you all one particular little bit.  Could I have been paid a higher compliment?  I think not.

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Puss ‘n Boots and Other Odds ‘n Ends

Gossiping Ducks., by foxypar4 @ FlickrThere are a couple little things that have accumulated in my files, things that I wanted to mention on the blog here at UDoJ, but are short little things more amenable to being Tweeted at Twitter, really. I’m going to round some of them up and sort of make a grab bag for you.

First and foremost, Kate needs good head. She’s changed the look of her blog, which is really cool looking now. But she needs a header graphic. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but in all honesty, I’m afraid there will be too much ‘me’ in it, and not enough Kate.

Molly suggested holding a contest, to see who can come up with the most Kate-like header graphic. I’m kind of liking that idea, and maybe if she feels a little more at home, she’ll post more. (Knee high leather boots would help with that, just so y’know.)  If there’s interest, maybe that’s just what we’ll do. Plus, giving Molly a peek above our garters is sure to get us a peek above hers. Well, that’s more like a long stare, actually…

(more gossip below the fold)

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