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The Worst of Both Worlds

Y’know what sucks?  Spam sucks.

So remember the whole de-listing thing?  What caught my attention was the drop in spam.  I went from like a hundred spam comments a day to like one or two or none.  That led to my finding out I was de-listed.

Now I’m still de-listed for a ridiculous reason, so I’m invisible to the tag surfers and the folks looking through the tag pages.  Even the ones looking for my content.

But now, I’m getting like a thousand spam comments a day.  That totally blows.

Spam sucks.

WordPress’ arbitrary moderation policy sucks.

Spam sucks.

I’m not feeling very bloggy after my break.

Spam sucks.

Just so y’know.

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Weird Crap

In some odd Blogger type of way, stuff (comments in particular) are disappearing after being posted. The blog is also dragging something awful for the last few days.

I’ve so far noticed the comments disappearing thing for three comments in the Vagina, Vagina, Vagina thread (one from Infophile, two from me).

I promise it ain’t me.

WordPress must be up to something, so don’t panic if your comments don’t appear. I did get the regular EMail containing Infophile’s comment, so it won’t be lost, and if it doesn’t re-appear, I’ll be able to re-insert it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Site maintenance – 14 March

There is a period of site maintenance going on from 16:45 GMT (11:45 EST / 08:45 PST).

This will affect a small number of users.
Please do not be alarmed. There is no need to contact support and your blog will be okay.
You will not lose any information.


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My Thing Is Broke

When writing in WordPress’ visual text editor, there’s a little button to add a link.  You highlight the text you want to use for a link, then click the little button.

Then there’s a pop-up that gives you a spot to insert the URL and a spot to insert the title text (that little yellow box that pops up when you mouse over a link).

At some point in the last two days, that thing broke, so that all I get when I click the link is an empty box that pops up.  Just a big white box.  So I have to go to the code and use that little button, which only inserts the code for the URL, and I have to code the title text in manually.

A minor annoyance, all things considered, but definitely an annoyance.

Ordinarily the WP Software is awesome.  (It’s the censorship policies I have a problem with, not the software.)   This is an exception, not the rule.

Now the proper thing for me to do is head on over to support and mention it, but I think we all know how much WP staff gives a flying crap about what I’ve got to say.

Anyone else having this issue?

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You’ll Also Note

…the new, ugly ass graphic at the top of the left sidebar.

Apparently the “mature content” on my blog (which I assume includes the new header graphic) is enough to get me de-listed, but not enough to fulfill the TOS clause about labeling my blog as having mature content. And the big “Censored By WordPress” must be ambiguous.

Does that make any sense to anyone?

Whatever. I’d really like to get the actual issues addressed, so the graphic is there and there can be no question.

Truth is though, they can erect non-sequiturs and strawmen faster than I can address them.

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Well, For A Minute There

I thought the issues would be addressed in the forum.

I was wrong.  It just turned into Time Thief ignoring the issues, side-stepping the facts of what’s happening, and just screaming for my deletion because I said bad things about the WP staff.

Then she told me to get lost and stormed out.

Still no addressing of the issues from her or from the WP staff, whose feelings I hurt.

I apologized in the thread to Mark, though unlike Time Thief I won’t be going back and hiding history.  I said what I said, it was probably over the top, and for that I again apologize to Mark.

I doubt that will make any difference, though.  Nobody seems interested in actually improving WP in this area.  They’re too busy screaming “How dare you question WP staff!”

Fingers in the ears that would make a creationist proud.

The bitch of it is that the more they do this, the more people they are alienating, and all the respect and admiration I once had for Time Thief just got flushed.

I think she got herself so worked up that her face is about the color of her avatar’s hair.  I hope she’s OK.   Funny thing is that I never once said anything disparaging or even out of the way to or about her.  It’s not even her fight.

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The Pink Ghetto Notices WordPress’ Censorship

Elizabeth Wood, of Sex and the Public Square, points to a discussion in the WordPress user forums, where bloggers whose work is getting tagged “mature” debate the relative meaning(lessness) of the label. Elizabeth: “The illogical effect of being reported as mature is that one’s blog is apparently unlisted from the tag pages that would be surfed by people looking for mature content.

A peak above our garters to Sexerati for “The Pink Ghetto”, and to the anonymous (to all of you) person who gave us the heads up on that by EMail. You know we love you.

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Rev. Big Dumb Chimp Has A Theory

Joseph McCarthy, WordPress Spokesmanabout our de-listing. He’s re-evaluating his move to WordPress, given the arbitrary and secret process by which a blog is de-listed here.

See that WordPress? All the hard work I put in to convincing Blogspot Bloggers to come here, and you’re pissing it away.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, guys!

Anyway, as to the good Reverend’s theory, he suggests it was Fundy Psycho Troll Cocksnack, in revenge for getting his ass handed to him on several occasions by Kate and me.

Very plausible.

What about it WP guys? Why does one fundy whack job (even if it wasn’t Cocksnack) have more control over who sees my content than the WP community at large?

And we’d still like a little participation in the conversation at Sex In The Public Square. You haven’t answered any questions or responded to our ideas. What’s up with that?

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Something’s Getting Lost

First, let me give another peek above our garters to Viviane of Viviane’s Sex Carnival (NSFW), who has picked up our story, and also to Bronze Dog of The Bronze Blog who has brought this to his readers’ attention and pointed them to Matt’s story.

But in the course of recent events, I happened back over to Sex In The Public Square and reread Elizabeth’s piece.

While reading it, I realized that Elizabeth had paid us a huge compliment, and I had completely forgotten to thank her for it.

It would seem that in all the noise about our erotic story told from two viewpoints (The Itch is from my point of view, Quiet The Hum is from Kate’s), the story itself is being lost, and I am deeply saddened by that.

I would like to take a moment to point you back toward that story, in the hopes that you might read and enjoy it in the midst of all the tumult.  After all is said and done, I wish it would be the story that is remembered, and not the controversy which is surrounding it.

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Pooflingers Anonymous Takes Up Our Cause

King Of All PooFor all both of you out there who have never heard of Pooflingers, Matt is a well spoken, pull-no-punches blogger over at Blogspot. When he sees a load of crap, he slings …um… crap at it.

He’s well known in both science and skepic circles, and he was our very first commenter way back in the day when I started this blog on Blogger.

Matt has always held a very special place in our hearts, and once again he rides in on his horse to help us out.

Here’s the story: not long ago, Janie and Kate wrote a short bit of serial erotica from two differing points of view (me linky you long time). To be quite honest, it really wasn’t all that dirty in comparison to some of the shit I’ve read on the web, and it had a style I respect where things are more hinted at than graphically described. Allowing the imagination to fill in the blanks is a great way to fly, and works well in nearly every literary genre (the main reason I like Steven King’s older works). Forcing the reader’s imagination to become actively involved in the story adds a bit of investment for the reader, and keeps them coming back.

Unfortunately for the girls, some asshole at WordPress apparently objected. It’s not that erotica and sex are taboo topics for WP blogs… the only thing we can figure is that someone took issue with the involvement of a priest in the story. Janie and Kate suddenly found their tags no longer appearing on WP’s main pages, and no searches in WP returned hits. All this, and no warning or explanation. A few emails to the support staff received half-assed excuses in reply… something about “we don’t want kids accidentally running into your stuff or people getting in trouble at work”.


Please go show him some love and leave a comment of support there.

Matt, you soooo ROCK!

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Yet Another Blogger Fears The Spreading Shadow

Deacon Barry (another Blogspot Blogger – y’know over where the software is inferior, but they don’t get censored) posts about our spat with the McCartman “Respect My Authoritah” Censorship Board.

Another blog has been censored by WordPress. A Swedish blogger called Isabella Lund, who writes a political blog about prostitution in Sweden had it suspended temporarily. Another blogger was censured when she tried to raise the subject on the WordPress Forum. Add that to the delisting of JanieBelle, Corporal Kate, Censor This and Crowded Head Cozy Bed, and you start to see a pattern emerging.

Thanks Deacon Barry! It’s good to know we are not alone, in a way. It also sucks that this is apparently just part of a larger pattern of censorship by WordPress.

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