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End the Global Gag Rule for Good!

With Elizabeth’s permission, I’m pasting this wholesale from SexInThePublicSquare.org:

Wome's health clinic in Tanzania

A few days ago JanieBelle wrote about the Senate vote that would end the global gag rule if it isn’t vetoed. A veto is a very real possibility, though. And before the President even has a chance to veto the bill, it has to get through a reconciliation conference with the House. NARAL Pro-Choice America is calling for 50,000 people to write to Congress to make sure that the gag rule repeal stays in the bill that goes to the President. That’ll also help build a good base to organize an override of the veto if it becomes necessary.

The “global gag rule” essentially prevents any US aid money from going to foreign clinics or organizations that provide information about abortion as an option, or that provide abortions, even if the clinics or agencies use only their own money to provide those services and even f those services are perfectly legal where the agencies are located. Because of this rule, clinics and organizations in poor countries. are bound to either reject US aid, or deny women medical care.

Click here for the NARAL Pro-Choice America call for action, or use the “Speak Out!” link on the left to get contact info for your senators and representatives and let them know what you think.

Photo Women’s Health Care Clinic, captioned, “Waiting extremely patiently for prenatal care, family planning, and basic OB-GYN services,” by Advencap and found on Flickr. Licenced using Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence.

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Operation FuckTard

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bags(UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. Phil Plait at BadAstronomy for helping to spread the word. Go show him some love.)

The Hovind Crime Family has managed to have the Rational Response Squad’s YouTube account suspended by filing at least ten false copyright infringement claims. (That’s a felony, in case you’re interested.)

The Rational Response Squad’s rational response comes in video form (another You’re A FuckTard music video entry at the end, watch all of it!). Please download the video and repost it wherever you can, and add it as a response to this video at this link.

I suppose that when your lies masquerading as Science are exposed by people educated in the relevant fields as a pile of crap, you don’t really have any other choice but to lie to censor your critics. It’s typical behavior from Creationist “scientists”, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. For the record, “Dr.” Dino (as he styles himself) unshockingly has no credentials in either the scientific or education fields.

Once again, just cuz it’s so damned funny – Live and Acoustic, from EddyGoombah himself right below the fold!:

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YouTube Censors on Behalf of Hovind Crime Family

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsUPDATE: Another uncensored peek above our garters to Reed Cartwright of The Panda’s Thumb for this:

An uncensored peek above our garters to Javier the Science Pundit for alerting me to this:

A while back a video blogger named RabidApe held a contest to poke fun of convicted tax evaders and ridiculous creationists Kent and Jo Hovind, owners of “Dinosaur Adventure Land”, the illegally constructed Flintstonesesque theme park. Jailbird Kent styles himself “Dr. Dino”, although he has no science credentials whatever.

RabidApe’s contest led to what may be the all time funniest, catchiest music video about a complete idiot ever made, and I shared it with you here. (A huge peek above our garters to RonnieOfTheEarth for creating that, and to Matt for sharing it with us!)

Let me save you a click, here it is again:

The rest of the story is below the fold:

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Periodic Table of Political Interference in Science

The Republican War on Science, by Chris MooneySent to me by Elizabeth via EMail this morning, was this link to a post on Susie Bright’s blog, where she in turn links to the Periodic Table of Political Interference in Science at the website of the Union of Concerned Scientists. (A peek above our garters to Elizabeth and Susie for that.)

From the Periodic Table page:

From air pollution to Ground Zero, the A to Z Guide showcases dozens of examples of the misuse of science on issues like childhood lead poisoning, toxic mercury contamination, and endangered species.

There are links to view the information in alphabetical order, by area, by agency, or in a timeline. The presentation of the data is graphically informative, and disturbingly illustrative of the manipulation of science for use as propaganda by the Bush administration, the Republican party, and the big business and religious interests who fund them.

The public deserves its science untainted by political or religious agenda, and bloggers like Chris Mooney and Phil Plait do a remarkable job of hammering this point home, but scientists and reporters cannot do this by themselves. We, the public at large, must demand that the integrity of science be maintained from the lab, to the classrooms, to our hands. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in the Orwellian nightmare of 1984 and the mind-numbing dystopia of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

It’s often difficult for me to believe how accurately George Orwell foresaw George Bush. I often wonder if His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar read those two aforementioned books and thought they portrayed ideal societies. It would explain much.

There’s a bit more from the Periodic Table page below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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Congress Votes to Repeal Global Gag Rule

Zimbabwe 1, by babasteve @ FlickrA great big peek above our garters to Chris at SitPS for pointing us to Heather, and to Heather at Scarleteen for pointing us to this:

Via Tod Preston at RHRealityCheck:

Last night, despite President Bush’s veto threat, the Senate passed the FY 2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations bill (by a vote of 81-12) that includes significant provisions overturning destructive policies on family planning and HIV/AIDS. Thanks to the leadership and commitment of Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA), the Senate bill not only includes the identical measures in the House-passed bill (H.R. 2764) — exempting contraceptives from the Global Gag Rule and repealing the abstinence-only funding restrictions for HIV prevention programs — it goes even further by repealing the Gag Rule entirely.

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Supremes Want A Little Alabama Vibrator Action

Metro article - Text operated vibrator, by Annie Mole @ FlickrI hesitate to post this yet, as the report remains unconfirmed.

Bug Girl at Skepchick heard that the Supreme Court of the United States may hear a case involving the ridiculous Alabama law banning the sale of vibrators, discussed a while back at SitPS on WordPress.

From Bug Girl’s article at Skepchick:

“The United States Supreme Court will review a Valley business owner’s case September 24. The issue: selling sex toys. A decision will come by October 1 whether the case will move forward or if the ban stands in Alabama.”

From the above linked SitPS article, from back in February:

According to a federal court decision announced yesterday (Valentine’s Day!), it’s perfectly fine for the state of Alabama to criminalize the sale of sex toys. Just to put this in context — 41 years after the Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional to restrict the sale of condoms, the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit thinks it’s fine for Alabama to jail (up to one year for first violation) or fine (up to $50,000) anyone who gets caught selling as much as a dildo. (PDF of the statue is here.)

I’m rather pessimistic about the outcome of such a case, given the recent hostile take over of the SCotUS by the religious right.  As is noted in the comments at Skepchick, the court may rule in a surreal Ron Paul Bizarro-land way that this is a States’ Rights issue, to mask their real, religious motivation.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is titled Metro Article – Text Operated Vibrator, by Annie Mole.

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**Sex in The Public Square Launch Party**

Hey, Digg this up, this thing needs some serious exposure! —>


Sex in the Public SquareRapture Cafe
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Manhattan, NY
United States
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Start: 17 Aug 2007 – 7:00pm
End: 17 Aug 2007 – 10:00pm
Timezone: EDT/GMT-4

Join us to celebrate the launch of



Sex in the Public Square is dedicated to expanding the space for public discussion of sexuality. Blending the techniques of blogging and social networking (think Blogger meets MySpace — but all open source!), Sex in the Public Square is a space on the Internet where members can explore which parts of sex are private, which parts are public, and what happens when private and public collide. We believe that sexuality is a fundamental component of human life, and that by excluding it from “polite conversation,” we lose an important element of democratic participation.

There’s more below the fold.

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Texas Board of Education To Be Led By Sunday School Teacher Dr. Don McLeroy

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsDr. Don McLeroy, Ready to Destroy Education in TexasAnother peek above our garters to the Bad Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait for giving us the heads up on this and to Dr. P.Z. Myers of Pharyngula, who has also now posted about it.

It seems that Governor of Texas Rick Perry has appointed a certain Dr. Don McLeroy to head the Texas Board of Education. Dr. McLeroy, whose education credentials seem to be that he is a dentist and a Sunday School teacher, has already made rumblings as to his science textbook agenda.

Yes, here we go again. Instead of teaching Texas children about Science in Science classrooms, Dr. McLeroy will be advocating teaching them his religious doctrine from a millennia old anthology of fairy tales that have no relation to reality.

America has been through this already, Dr. McLeroy. We went through this in 1925 in Tennessee, we went through this again in 1968 in Arkansas, again in 1975 in Tennessee, again in 1982 in Arkansas, again in 1987 in Louisiana, and most recently in 2005 in Pennsylvania.

(Continue reading below the fold.)

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Kudos To WordPress

Thumbs UpAs most of you know, I have an ongoing issue with WordPress’ staff. (You can find most of the dispute chronicled here, along with some other posts I’ve made involving censorship.) It involves their pulling certain blogs from their internal listings, and mine, Kate’s and The Boy‘s are among them. (For the record, The Boy had nothing even mildly objectionable on his blog before he got yanked. It was just poetry and stuff about his family. He got censored for bitching about WP’s treatment of us. This blog and Kate’s were at most mildly suggestive before the censorship.)

The process is arbitrary, unfair, without notice, and without appeal. Some fundy doesn’t like what he finds on someone else’s blog, complains, the blog gets pulled.

However, I have always loved the software itself, and until I got silenced in the WordPress community I had nothing but praise for WordPress. In fact, WP’s superiority over Blogger was the whole reason I moved here, and I was extremely vocal about that both before and after the move.

To give credit where credit is due, one thing I and a bunch of other people disliked about the Sandbox theme was the lack of avatars in the comments, and you’ll note that the WP staff addressed that and added them a while back.

Just earlier today you may have noticed one other really big improvement for which I think WP deserves a big ol’ hug. They’ve added avatars to the recent comments box on the right side bar.

Kudos, WP. Good job. I love it already.

Now, about that censorship policy…

[UPDATE: Well it looks like there’s a bug in the code. Suddenly new comments aren’t showing up in the recent comments box. I’d tell them about it, but I’m pretty sure they’re just deleting my email on sight because of the dispute. I can’t really blame them, I was pretty unhinged as I tend to get when I’m pissed. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon, just keep your thong out of a knot. In fact, take it off and enjoy the breeze if it helps. 😉 ]

[SECOND UPDATE: That issue seems to have been resolved, as I was sure it would be.]

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Nothing Like A Few Good Rants

to upgrade your rating to something more respectable. You’ll recall that just a few days ago, I was insulted with an R rating. I feel much better now.

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

    • sex (9x)
    • murder (5x)
    • whore (2x)
    • dangerous (1x)


Kristine got a PG-13, but then an R after some work.

Bob nailed the NC-17 the first go ’round.

ETA – That bitch Kate got NC-17 first time, too!  “Sex” appears 19 times on her front page! 

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