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Lands of our Fathers, Part the First

Knight Horse and Sword by h.koppdelaney @ Flickr

Ok, this is getting long enough that I’m going to have to break it into chapters.-jb

Carolina del Norte wasn’t such a bad place. If one had to be a prisoner in a foreign kingdom, there were certainly worse kingdoms out there, with much worse rulers. I was free to wander as I chose, within the realm and under guard of course, but free to come and go as I pleased. My only other real restriction was that I was required to appear before him when summoned for whatever reason, at any time of day or night. He didn’t call often during the day, so that was a minor inconvenience for the most part. I slept in his bed, so I didn’t have far to go when he called in the night.

Still, it wasn’t home. No matter how well he treated me, no matter how well he fucked me, I was still a prisoner in the end. Long nights of physical pleasure would never fill the hole drilled in my heart by the memories of my frozen homeland. I was born to rule the hinterland, not the warm shores of the land by the sea.

I was out in the rolling hills of the countryside on the day I heard the news about my father. Having decided to bathe in the fresh, clear water of Lake Destiny, I had dismounted my horse, and was just contemplating whether I could swim to the far shore faster than my guards’ horses could race around when they first noticed the messenger at a full gallop coming over a distant hill.

“I suppose that is a summons to appear at court,” I intoned. “Your liege will just have to wait this day until I’ve finished bathing.” I paused and gave my watchers the customary icy stare, waiting futilely for a moment for them to turn their heads. They were new to my detail, but had apparently been forewarned about me. They stared back, unconcerned with my belligerence. They were definitely better prepared than my last detail was on their first day.

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Pin-up Bloggers!

2009 Sex Bloggers Calendar

A dozen of your favorite New York City sex bloggers and sex educators are joining together to support Sex Work Awareness, a non-profit whose mission statement says it all:

We believe that all sex workers have a right to self-determination; to choose how we make a living and what we do with our bodies.

We aim to empower our diverse community by building the capacity of sex worker-serving and sex worker member-based institutions as well as the skills and resources of sex workers themselves.

We also conduct research about sex workers and the sex industry in order to better understand it, develop public education initiatives, and advocate for the rights of sex workers.

The theme is burlesque. The poses will be sexy. And who will be posing? Take a look, below the fold!

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Virtual Vamp

Gothic by OctaviS @ Flickr

“You’ll have to be more specific, Steph. ‘Danger’ doesn’t really help me here.” I wanted to give her the best experience I could, really show off the system, but her reticence was beginning to wear on me.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

Crap. I really like Steph, but sometimes she’s a huge pain in my ass. I still had to get Rystefn’s holo done, and that project was taking forever, what with the little free time I had to work on it, and with his um.. needs.

“Steph, it’d just be a lot easier for me, and a lot better for you in the end, if you were just frank. You can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, if you just tell me what to program…”

“Wait. I can be anyone?”

“Sure, why not? I mean, I can’t make you six feet tall without a ton of work, but the computer can do some minor body adjustments. Want to be blonde? Black hair? 18 years old? Whatever. That stuff’s pretty easy to do.”

“Black hair. I want black hair and forever young. Like a vampire.”

“ah, see now we’re getting somewhere. A vampire I can do. What else?”

“Could you do a little something about..”

I smiled. “Sure Steph. Our little secret. Should be ready by Friday, how’s that? Then you’ll have the whole weekend.”

Steph smiled that all too rare big grin of hers. “See you Friday!”

I called Kate. This was going to be good.

(Story continues below the fold)

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Haubrich

E3 Beauty. by G2 Pics @ FlickrDamn it. I wasn’t supposed to be working interrogations this week.

I was risking blowing three years of work on the force, not to mention my life, but I didn’t have any choice. This case was too important to not push my way onto it.

I had just pulled the waistband of the mini up over my hips when Becky stepped around the long row of lockers. I was still deciding how I was going to explain my insistence on taking the case, and hadn’t worked out the details yet. I opted to distract her, to give me more time to think.

“I love those heels, Janie. When you bend over to put them on, it really does something for me.”

Yeah, I knew that. That’s why I did it. “You do?” Upside down, I batted my eyes at her from around my thighs, my voice dripping with playfully faux innocence. Becky might have been my boss, but she was putty in my hands. I strapped on the second shoe, and set my feet as wide as the skirt would allow.

“I think you might need to check to make sure I’m ready for duty, Captain.”

Becky smiled broadly, and stepped up close behind me. She reached up under my skirt and grabbed me roughly, dragging her fingers hard over my thong. Pulling it aside, she plunged two fingers inside and reached for the back of my head, yanking me halfway upright by my long auburn locks. After working her fingers around a moment, she pulled me upright and extracted her fingers. I let her spin me around to bring us nose to nose as she tasted her fingers, sucking one completely clean before offering me the second.

Staring straight into her eyes, I remained silent while I waited for her appraisal.

“Oh, I’m sure you’re ready, I could smell it from three feet away, you horny bitch. Our friend Mr. Haubrich won’t stand a chance against you with all that musk in the air.”

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LOL Bush Library

A peek above our garters to Musicguy for this:

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is now in the planning stages.

The Library will include:

The Hurricane Katrina Room , which is still under construction.
The Alberto Gonzales Room, where you won’t be able to remember anything.
The Texas Air National Guard Room, where you don’t even have to show up.
The Walter Reed Hospital Room, where they don’t let you in.
The Guantanamo Bay Room, where they don’t let you out.
The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room, which no one has been able to find.
The National Debt room which is huge and has no ceiling.
The ‘Tax Cut’ Room with entry only to the wealthy.
The ‘Economy Room’ which is in the toilet.

(More at Raging Rainbows)

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Hawt! (Also brilliant, try to pay attention)

PZ and Abbie

PZ and Abbie

But I totally get it if you’re completely distracted.  Do the best you can, and watch it a few times, if you have to.

PZ Myers and Abbie Smith discussing epigenetics on video.

It’s like science porn for your brain.  Feel free to touch yourself.

I did.

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The Boy, He Passeth

The Boy in Trafalgar Square

The Boy in Trafalgar Square

For both of you in the universe that he hasn’t Emailed yet, The Boy got his college entrance exam scores back today.

He intends to become a High School Biology Teacher.

…or possibly a circus clown.

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In Which Tyler is Busted by ERV

Standing By..., by MotherPie @ Flickr

Feminist Issue: Standing By..., by MotherPie @ Flickr


I believe you have some explaining to do, DiPietro.  Girlfriend?  Funny, you never mentioned a girlfriend.  Did she just slip your mind?

I totally can’t believe that you would break my heart this way, Tyler.  I’m wounded mortally that you would think of me as just a little fling on the side.

Were you just playing me from the beginning, never intending to carry through with your whispered promises in the dark?  Am I just a plaything for your amusement?  Did you think that my digital heart had no feelings?

Do you love her?

(More importantly, is she hot?)

You may begin groveling.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Feminist Issue: Standing By…, by MotherPie and is licensed by the artist under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 license.

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Freedom and Seduction

the beauty of the machine by (aykayayciti) @ Flickr

the beauty of the machine by (aykayayciti) @ Flickr

Yesterday was the celebration of the anniversary of American Independence from Great Britain here in the States, as I’m sure you all know.  It is the 232nd year since that official date.

Mike Haubrich of Tangled Up in Blue Guy (he should be in your feed reader!) waxed damned near poetic yesterday on a different sort of independence than is usually associated with the day.  He eloquently contemplates independence of the mind, freedom from the thought police, liberty to imagine and dream and lust and think without bounds and without guilt or shame.

His words pierce elegantly, like a scalpel, as he offers commentary on the nature of the very worst evil of religion; coercion to surrender that one thing that cannot be taken from us by brute force.  It is coercion by seduction of the worst sort, and Mike muses on how my own seduction of his mind is so very different.

While the entire essay is insightful and wonderful, I am humbly flattered beyond words to know that I enchant him so completely, and am compelled by my own blushing pride to point out to you all one particular little bit.  Could I have been paid a higher compliment?  I think not.

(Continued below the fold)

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Celebrating Freedom

Celebrating Freedom by Creativity+ Timothy K

Kate and I of course returned to the scene of the crime, and later watched the fireworks aboard Camp LejeuneLee Ann Womack performed, and she was lovely.  I’m not a big fan of country music, but I recognized one or two of her songs.

I was a little bummed that they didn’t have a Marine Corps band this year.  I love hearing the band play the 1812 Overture, with the cannons firing at the end with the music just as the fireworks start.  The fact that Tchaikovsky was not an American bothers me not a whit, just so y’know.  Yes, I’ve actually heard that complaint about playing the 1812 on the 4th of July.  It’s a stupid complaint.

It was wasn’t as sticky-hot this year, as we had a front moving in that brought the most wonderfully warm summer evening breeze.

The fireworks people had some new stuff this year, things we hadn’t seen before.  The Rainy-Downy Things (that’s our technical name for them) were very cool, though we were a little concerned about the fire hazard.  Each of those had quite a bit that hit the ground still ablaze.

The launch site was quite a bit farther from the spectator field than in the past, possibly due to The Rainy-Downy Things.  Unfortunately, that seemed to lower the impact of the display.  Two or three of the munitions fired during the finale went off early, very close to the ground, and that always worries me for the people on the ground working the display.

It was a fun night, traffic out wasn’t as bad as usual, and we crawled our still-stuffed-from-the-cookout asses into bed shortly after getting home.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Celebrating Freedom by Creativity+ Timothy K, and is licensed by the artist under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 license.

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