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Kymberly Clem – Too Sexy for the Richmond Mall

Gah.  At what point does it become not okay to force your neuroses on other people?

In Richmond Kentucky, Kymberly Clem purchased a dress in the local mall.  The following day, the twenty year old Eastern Kentucky University student wore that same dress back to the mall.  Ten minutes later, a mall rent-a-cop approached her, made her turn in a circle while he “inspected” her, and then escorted her from the premises.

From the Richmond Register:

“He made me turn all the way around while he stared me up and down,” Kymberly said. “The only thing he said was that other people didn’t like the way I looked, so he wanted me to leave.”

The guard also said several women had complained because their husbands were staring at her, she said.

That’s right.  If you turn the head of some prudish old church lady’s husband, you’re too sexy for the Richmond Mall.

Even the people coming to her defense are just not getting it, though.

Her sister Kendra is quoted in the article, thus:

“It’s discrimination and she has the right to wear what she wants. We’re just trying to make people understand that you can’t (discriminate). I think as Americans, we have the right to wear what we would like as long as we are not showing any private body parts.”

Why the final caveat?  Why is there the presumption that showing “private” body parts in our society is inherently negative?

Similarly, a local blogger comments with the presumption that the body is to be hidden away, that nudity is intrinsically bad:

“It was short, but showed nothing that is illegal to show. Personally, I’ve seen worse on Eastern’s campus than what this young lady was wearing.”

“Worse”?  Define “worse” for me.  And why is your definition of “worse” any better than mine, or Kate’s, or Kymberly’s or Lenny’s Pizza Delivery Guy’s?

Some days, I just want to scream.

UPDATE: Elizabeth does a wonderful job of articulating exactly what’s wrong with this picture.  Don’t miss Michael’s comment, immediately following.

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Kyla Ebbert Further Violates Southwest Dress Code

Kyla EbbertKyla Ebbert was minding her own business, catching a flight out of San Diego last July when some employee at Southwest Airlines felt it necessary to impose his Sharia-esque dress code will upon her. The outfit in question (seen on Kyla at the right) was cute and fairly normal, so anthrophobia (the fear of humans or the human body) seems to be the issue… Either that, or envy.

From Playboy.com:

In July at San Diego’s airport, a Southwest employee asked Kyla to change her outfit — a miniskirt, a sweater over a tank-top and high heels — or get off the plane. Kyla had already boarded the flight from San Diego to Tucson. She didn’t have any other clothes to change into because she was returning the same day. After Kyla adjusted her clothes to cover herself up more, the Southwest employee relented and let Kyla take the flight. She concealed herself even more with a blanket during the flight, but was understandably humiliated by the experience. Ironically, after all, most observers thought her ensemble was no more revealing than the average summer outfit of any college girl.

Well, Playboy has done a thorough inspection of Kyla, just to ensure that she wasn’t carrying any WMDs.

A few little samples are below the fold. If you’re a burqa fan, a Christo-fascist anthrophobe, or have a heart condition, I’d strongly suggest you not click.

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Prenuptial Bliss

Wedding Procession, by Taylor Dundee @ FlickrChandra Marie Schaefer was just sending the groom off to his wedding with one last wild oat to remember (via the AP wire on Lycos, and an article at The Forum in Fargo to which I no longer have access and can’t link). Nathan Ross Blair had apparently carried his bachelor party a bit far, and was reported to police by a friend at about 3:15 AM for flashing a peek above his garters to passing motorists. He was wearing a kilt, and it seems reasonable to assume that the residents of Fargo, ND are now privy to the answer to the age old question of what Scotsmen wear underneath those things.

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Boxers Or Briefs?

Mind The GapI need a little break from the sadness over Aunt Helen’s trip to California, and I imagine that you do, too.

So The Boy went and bought The Red Dress yesterday afternoon. That was a good time. Don’t know about The Red Dress yet?

Let me just tell ya’. It’s too funny.

It all started a long, long time ago.

In our family certain customs are observed religiously. They vary a bit from generation to generation, but some things just are not done, and some things just must be done. There’s no real logic to it all, it’s just the way it is, and breaking the rules is cause for long-term ostracization. You do not spit in public. Ladies always wear dresses to church. You do not drop the F bomb in front of your seniors. You do not discuss family dysfunction.

And you simply do not wear red to funerals.

The full story is below the fold.

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