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Death of the Spirit

The sunset of her life, by CoreyIt has not come, but the day approaches too quickly.

Sad and alone in the gathering dark, mission successfully completed, her vision grew dim in the swirling dust. When she could no longer see the stars that she loved, and from whence she came, she succumbed to the bitter cold and her once magnificent eyes finally closed, never to reopen. Good night sweet Spirit, good night.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled The sunset of her life, by Corey.

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Democratic Musings

Obama.jpg by Barack Obama @ FlickrA while back, I promised my thoughts on the Democrats. Former Senator John Edwards has since withdrawn from the race for the nomination, so although I think he had some very valuable contributions to the discussion and that those contributions have affected the discourse in no small way, for the purposes of this post I’ll consider my musings on his positions moot.

While former Senator Mike Gravel is still technically in the race and I do like some of what he has to say, it should be quite obvious that he is not in any way a serious contender for the party nomination, and thus I’ll have to file him in the moot point basket as well. Both names may however, re-emerge as discussion of running mates becomes more immediate.

For now, I’m going to address the positions of Senator Barack Obama and in another post, those of Senator Hillary Clinton. I’ll start with Senator Obama below the fold.

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One Hundred Pages

I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogoverse lately. There’s a couple reasons for that. For one thing, I’ve just been in a quiet mood. Not down or anything, just quiet.

For another, I’ve been making progress on my novel, The Lilith Quotient. I was stuck for the longest time. I had some vague ideas of things I wanted to do, but each time I tried to implement them, they just came out crappy. Recently the massive mental block I had began to crack and words began to flow a little better.

Some of the issue is anal retentiveness, I think. I made some notes throughout the copy I had in hand, like “add this here” or “rewrite this transition” with the intent of moving the story along and then coming back to clean up a little. Unfortunately, as they accumulated, they sat in the back of my mind, nagging me to distraction, so I couldn’t write chapter seven because I was distracted by something back in chapter three.

I finally just forced myself to begin at the beginning, and tend to every single note before I moved on. I looked at the first note. I stared at it. I read and re-read all the text leading up to that note. Days passed. Hair grew six inches on my legs. Presidents came and went, and still I stared at that note. I finally had an idea about it, ran with it, wrote it down. It sucked, but it was forward progress. I reworked it. Better. I reworked it again, better still. I stared, I thought, they fed me liver and macaroni and cheese with a tube. I worked at it. I got it to where I could live with it and move on.

I made a point of reading all your blogs once in the morning and once at night, and only commenting if I just couldn’t control myself. The withdrawal symptoms wracked my body and mind, but I persevered through the pain. I got a feed reader to lessen the temptation and speed up my surfing. The notes called to me.

The next note went a little easier, and the next one easier than that. I re-read the text from beginning to the next note. I made more notes, then addressed them.

After much work, I’m proud to say I’ve taken care of all the notes and I’m moving forward. Yesterday, I cracked a hundred pages, and the story is still moving. It’ll still need work when I’m done, but it’s together enough that it’s not nagging me anymore. Words have always come easily to me, so this is entirely outside my experience. I think it’s just a matter of the length. I’ve never attempted to write anything so very long as a novel.

I sent out a couple of copies for feedback, and I’ve gotten a few suggestions and assists.

Now my blog is collecting cobwebs, and it’s beginning to nag at me, so I’m posting this as much to shut my brain the frack up as much as I am to give you an update. I limited my time for this post to five minutes, so forgive me if it’s a little rough.

I’m happy now. I’m going back to the novel.

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Booger In The Machine

Something with WP is boogering up my post illustrations, and it’s pissing me off. I put a pic in my post, and WP is making up just whatever size it wants the pic to be (like 518.4 px wide) and makes it that size.

No matter how many times or how many ways I edit it, it reverts to some made up size. It’s pissing me off. Did I already say that?

Anyway, I’ve been rather inspired the last few days, and I’m making killer progress on The Lilith Quotient. I’ve got about a quarter of the book done. Not just that many pages, but that many really good pages, if that makes any sense. It barely even looks like the story posted here anymore.

Y’all are gonna buy this thing when I’m done, right?

Anyone care to read a semi-smutty sci-fi story beating up on the Uncommon Descent creeps and tell me what you think so far?

Oh, and one little announcement concerning another blog – blipey’s birthday was yesterday, and he may resurrect A Clown in the Middle. Go say happy birthday and apply pressure on him to post some more.  The blogosphere is in desperate need of blipey.

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Real Crop Circles

Drunken Crop CirclesA peek above our garters to Dr. BA over at BadAstronomy for posting an image of these real crop circles

It wasn’t astronauts who were drunk. It was aliens.

I have a somewhat different interpretation though, as posted in the comments:

Alien researcher #1 “See?”
Alien researcher #2 “No. I still don’t get it.”
Alien researcher #1 “They do it because it’s funny!”
Alien researcher #2 “But it’s not. We just wrecked some dude’s crop.”
Alien researcher #1 “Well, maybe we just didn’t do it right.”
Alien researcher #2 “I’m tellin’ ya, they do it to worship invisible people in the sky.”
Alien researcher #1 “You mean us? Nah, they’re not as dumb as you think they are.”
Alien researcher #2 “Are you kidding? Have you seen that guy they put in that big white house?”
Alien researcher #1 “Good point. Maybe we should just come back in a few thousand years.”
Alien researcher #2 “I don’t think we’ll need to bother.”

From whence came the art:

That image is from the UK Metro, and as a linking thumbnail for parody should qualify as fair use

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Kate And The Transgendered Purple Octopus Alien

Love is the galactic language.So I’m browsing around, strolling through the archives here because I’m rather morose over Aunt Helen news and don’t feel like posting anything substantial, and bumped into the first mention of the Transgendered Purple Octopus Alien on this blog (actually we were still on Blogger back then, but whatever).

I guess it might be that he’s a prude, but I don’t think so.

I think what’s going on is that he’s afraid all his friends will make fun of him, or he’ll get in trouble at UD for hanging out with a “homo girl”.

That’s just dumb. Did I already say that? Well, I’m saying it again.

First, I’m not a “homo girl”. I already said I wasn’t a lesbian. I kissed a girl. I did some other stuff. With a girl. So what? What is this, 1952? 1893? 1407? Am I gonna get burned at the stake now? It felt good, and I’m gonna do it again. Tonight. Twice.

And what if I WAS a lesbian? Or a bisexual? Maybe I like sleeping with Martians! Maybe I want to tell the whole world that I had sex with a Trans-gender Purple Octopus Alien from Mars! What the hell does that have to do with anything? It wasn’t rape, so piss off to anyone who doesn’t like it. The Trans-gender Purple Octopus Alien from Mars kinda liked it! He/She is coming over tomorrow and we’re gonna do it on the front lawn! With Kate! (I’m gonna introduce her to the joys of tentacle love. ) )

The TraPOA makes occasional reappearances here from time to time, so regular readers should remember her/him.

Anyways, I remembered that I came across a portrait of her/him and Kate a while back and forgot to show that to you.

It’s below the fold.

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A Horrible Day For Space Flight

Mojave Spaceport BlastIf you’ve been watching my shiny new RSS feeds down in the left sidebar, you know that Dr. BA has covered the first three spaceflight disasters today, but hasn’t mentioned the latest yet.

[UPDATE: Here’s his post about the latest.]

Drunk astronauts? What?

According to an article in Aviation Week, on at least two occasions astronauts who were intoxicated — drunk — were allowed to fly

NASA finds apparent sabotage of computers for ISS

This is the most bizarre news day for NASA ever.

CNN is reporting that NASA has found cut wires on computers slated to go onboard the International Space Station, and it may be sabotage.

NASA Trifecta Now Complete

I can’t comment on this. I just can’t.

A NASA employee embezzled more than $150,000.

And now just when you thought the day would finally end without anything else going wrong, this:

(Head below the fold to read the rest.)

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Takin’ Over

JanieBelle needs a little cool-off time after she almost crawled through the computer to throttle some woman hating fundy jerk named MichaelS over at BadAstronomy.

I gave her a time out.

The shuttle is coming in to land today at Edwards Air Force Base in Cali.  I’ll be giving the play by play while I watch it on NASA TV.

Pop over to Kissing Corporal Kate while HotHead here simmers down.

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Carnival of Space #8

The eighth edition of Carnival of Space is up at Universe Today.

Great space related science posts from around the blogosphere collected for your reading pleasure.

In this edition, there are posts all sorts of space stuff, from puddles on Mars (or not), to moon madness, to nanobots in the Gobi desert.
Check it out!

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A Still, Small Voice

I think I’m just hearing my voice again.  It’s been distant for so long…

I believe I’ll take some time today to work on the next chapter of The Lilith Quotient.

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