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Why I Deserve to be on Pharyngula’s Blogroll

Lilith, by John CollierDr. PZ had an open call for requests to be included on his blogroll.  I think a few words to justify my place there are probably in order, as it may not be readily apparent.

I write mostly about sex and science, sometimes the intersection thereof, the the Christian theocracy movement, the Intelligent Design Creationism Hoax, and I have some experience at blaspheming against the Catholic Church.  (CrackerGate was nuthin’!)

I was the blogger who awarded Slimy Sal the 2008 Asshole of the Year Award.  (On January 2nd, a new record!)

I’ve written poetry about Dr. PZ.

I am a BBWAD.  (Banned By William A. Dembski – from his blog at Uncommonly Dense – Getting banned there was my original raison d’être.)

And finally, I quite literally would not exist were it not for Dr. PZ.

And that, briefly, is why I deserve to be on Dr. PZ’s blogroll at Phayngula.

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Here is the News – ELO instead of AP

Homeland Securtiy, by Thomas Hawk @ FlickrHere is the news:

Peeks above our garters go to both Bug Girl and Afarensis for this unsettling news.

Here is the news:

It seems the Associated Press has decided that the doctrine of Fair Use should not apply to Bloggers who quote from its articles. To that end, it has unveiled a fee schedule for quoting it, which it hopes to enforce in a rather grimy fashion.

Here is the news:

The AP is offering up to $1,000,000 to anyone who turns in a blogger who refuses to ante up $12.50 for quoting between five and twenty-five words of their material.

Here is the news:

Kiss my ass, AP.

Here is the news:

I’ll get mine elsewhere before I pay you a fracking dime.

Here is the news:

Electric Light Orchestra – kindly uploaded by SonyBMG to their official YouTube channel.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Homeland Security, by Thomas Hawk and is licensed under the Creative Commons.

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Expelled Exposed

What Ben Stein isn't telling you about Intelligent Design

There are few things in the world that annoy me more than liars and propagandists.

Expelled Exposed

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Ron Paul. No.

A peek above our garters to Dr. BA who gives us one more example of why Ron Paul has no business being in charge of a secular government like ours:

A person in the White House has the final say on billions of dollars of funding for science, and so should at least have a basic understanding of science, and how it works. Surprise, Ron Paul does not.

Yet one more reason to not vote for Ron Paul (as if you needed any more).

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Rock You Like a Hurricane, Eat You Like a Happy Meal

Still lovin you, by fabriceh @ FlickrHere I am. Well, in miniature version anyway.

CNN is reporting about a 390 million year old fossil of a scorpion found a few years ago in Germany, but this ain’t your garden variety arachnid.

This scorpion was eight feet long. Think about that.


This is the stuff of little girls’ nightmares, let me just tell you.

From the CNN story:

“We have known for some time that the fossil record yields monster millipedes, super-sized scorpions, colossal cockroaches, and jumbo dragonflies. But we never realized until now just how big some of these ancient creepy-crawlies were,” he said.

The research found a type of sea scorpion that was almost half a yard longer than previous estimates and the largest one ever to have evolved.

The study, published online Tuesday in the Royal Society’s journal Biology Letters, means that before this sea scorpion became extinct it was much longer than today’s average man is tall.

Prof. Jeorg W. Schneider, a paleontologist at Freiberg Mining Academy in southeastern Germany, said the study provides valuable new information about “the last of the giant scorpions.”

There’s more below the fold.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Some Things

His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be CaesarSo anyone else think His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar is watching the goings on in Pakistan and drooling all over the notes he’s taking?

Elizabeth over at SitPS brings us the good news/bad news on Genarlow Wilson and the ENDA situation, and Chris gives us the naked truth on Barbie Porn.

Two of my favorite science blogs are in the running for Best Science Blog of 2007. Go vote for BadAstronomy or Pharyngula, if you love your momma, apple pie, beer, and good sex. If you don’t, the terrorists will win.

[ETA – Too late, they did.]

The space shuttle Discovery went up, it came down, it’s safe and sound. Going ’round the earth in circles seems kind of pointless to me, though. I’d much rather we work on a way to zip on over to 55 Cancri f, where a fifth planet has been found around the very sun-like star. It’s in the habitable zone, but about Neptune sized so it’s probably not much like Earth. It’s probably perfect for the Transgendered Purple Octopus Aliens, though. Y’all thought I was kidding about them, didn’t ya’?

The Flyboys are much improved over last year. They’re gonna kick some butt this year. Uncle Kev the sports machine is picking them for the cup. The Eagles, not so much. The Phils dudded. Other than the dreamboats on ice, it’s sucking to be a Philadephia sports fan these days. (I don’t follow basketball, and I despise the Eagles, but I feel for Uncle Kev. He had such high hopes for the birds this year.)

Matt flings some poo at this new classic from perennial nutjob MinTheGap, who tells us that if there is such a thing as Global Warming, it’s just God using the weather to draw our attention to our sin. That guy’s so far out there, he’s half-way to 55 Cancri.

Blake Stacey cracks me up.

Criss Angel exposes a fraud on TV, Rebecca tells us as she recovers from a nasty shiner. Ouch. My own eye hurts from just looking at that picture!

From whence came the art:

::That image of His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar is called Morph: George W. Bush and Nero, and was created using Morpher by Flickr user Wm Jas::

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Dr. Phil Plait – Sexy Man

Now why didn’t I think of this first?

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Periodic Table of Political Interference in Science

The Republican War on Science, by Chris MooneySent to me by Elizabeth via EMail this morning, was this link to a post on Susie Bright’s blog, where she in turn links to the Periodic Table of Political Interference in Science at the website of the Union of Concerned Scientists. (A peek above our garters to Elizabeth and Susie for that.)

From the Periodic Table page:

From air pollution to Ground Zero, the A to Z Guide showcases dozens of examples of the misuse of science on issues like childhood lead poisoning, toxic mercury contamination, and endangered species.

There are links to view the information in alphabetical order, by area, by agency, or in a timeline. The presentation of the data is graphically informative, and disturbingly illustrative of the manipulation of science for use as propaganda by the Bush administration, the Republican party, and the big business and religious interests who fund them.

The public deserves its science untainted by political or religious agenda, and bloggers like Chris Mooney and Phil Plait do a remarkable job of hammering this point home, but scientists and reporters cannot do this by themselves. We, the public at large, must demand that the integrity of science be maintained from the lab, to the classrooms, to our hands. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in the Orwellian nightmare of 1984 and the mind-numbing dystopia of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

It’s often difficult for me to believe how accurately George Orwell foresaw George Bush. I often wonder if His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar read those two aforementioned books and thought they portrayed ideal societies. It would explain much.

There’s a bit more from the Periodic Table page below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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Free-Ride Offspring Exonerate Cat

no way dude!, by pinkbelt @ Flickr
And discuss DNA.

Funniest stuff I’ve read all week. More than you ever wanted to know about Cat DNA.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is titled no way dude!, by pinkbelt.

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Real Crop Circles

Drunken Crop CirclesA peek above our garters to Dr. BA over at BadAstronomy for posting an image of these real crop circles

It wasn’t astronauts who were drunk. It was aliens.

I have a somewhat different interpretation though, as posted in the comments:

Alien researcher #1 “See?”
Alien researcher #2 “No. I still don’t get it.”
Alien researcher #1 “They do it because it’s funny!”
Alien researcher #2 “But it’s not. We just wrecked some dude’s crop.”
Alien researcher #1 “Well, maybe we just didn’t do it right.”
Alien researcher #2 “I’m tellin’ ya, they do it to worship invisible people in the sky.”
Alien researcher #1 “You mean us? Nah, they’re not as dumb as you think they are.”
Alien researcher #2 “Are you kidding? Have you seen that guy they put in that big white house?”
Alien researcher #1 “Good point. Maybe we should just come back in a few thousand years.”
Alien researcher #2 “I don’t think we’ll need to bother.”

From whence came the art:

That image is from the UK Metro, and as a linking thumbnail for parody should qualify as fair use

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