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Kent Hovind, Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bag

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsYou may have seen this little logo beginning to find its way around the Blogosphere. The full story of how it came about can be found here, but the short version is this:

Bloggers who were interested in science and scientific research would use a linked graphic for an aggregating service called “Blogging on Peer Reviewed Research”, or BPR3. The service would pull together blog posts that used the label into one place, where one could browse around and see what some of the best science bloggers were saying about new research on all sorts of topics.

In yet another disingenuous attempt to give the Intelligent Design Creationism Hoax some veneer of scientific credibility, Discovery Institute lapdog and mealy mouthed mouthpiece Casey Luskin stuck the logo on one of his bullshit propaganda pieces, breaking pretty much every rule of BPR3 in addition to his usual utter lack of integrity. When someone noticed and he was busted of course, Casey did the responsible thing. He lied his ass off.

Anyway, you can read the whole sordid affair at the links above if you really want to see the blatant dishonesty that is part and parcel of the whole (bowel) movement that is The Intelligent Design Creationism Hoax of Propaganda (IDCraHP).

In a moment of breathtaking brilliance, Mister DNA, creator of CBEBs, came up with the perfect answer for Liars Like Luskin. Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bags (or the light version, Blogging on Pseudo-Science). If you blog at all about Pseudo-Science of any stripe, I would encourage you to look into joining the chorus there. It’s spreading like wildfire, and even some of the biggest science bloggers and ScienceBloggers are using it already.

(As a note of historical pride, allow me to point out that one of my posts was the very first one to be successfully aggregated by the service automatically.)

Before the project goes any further, I want to be sure that Kent Hovind, creationist, liar, convicted felon, and Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bag with a fake “Dr.” degree from a fake “University”, is immortalized in the archives at BPSDB.org.

Without further ado, I once again give you Chisbo4ever’s video of EddyGoombah’s masterpiece, Tribute to Kent Hovind. (Possibly one of the very funniest videos ever made EVAH!)

You’re still a FuckTard, aren’t you Kent?

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Salvador Cordova Takes a Crap. Again.

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsFile this under Sunday Morning Funnies.

I occasionally surf the blogs of pseudo-scientific douche-bags when I’m bored and need a little humor. It’s cheaper than buying a newspaper, and often provides much more entertainment. Once I wade through the usual quotemines, ad hominem attacks, deliberate obfuscations, and outright lies, there’s usually some pretty funny stuff that naturally evolves from a creationist attempting to twist history, science, and reality in general.

This morning was such a morning so as I’m sipping my first cup o’ joe, I begin the trek. I want to make some headway on my novel today, so to make it quick I go right to the perennial golden-tard mine that is Young Cosmos. You might remember its proprietor, Salvador Cordova, Asshole of the Year.Sal takes his temperature rectally.

Slimy Sal does not disappoint.

This morning’s headline?

618 Synagogue’s of Satan honor Darwin on Evolution Sunday

Setting aside his egregious abuse of an innocent apostrophe, it’s quite the little piece of crap.

Right off the bat, we get this lovely little bit, below the fold:

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Ftk – Private Eye

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsThanks Janine. This made my morning. You get TWO peeks above our garters and a big wet tongue kiss on the steps of the courthouse, just to make Ftk’s skin crawl.

Ftk has apparently just been clued in to the fact that I’m a fictional girl. That’s too funny.

(Click to embiggen the image, or read the transcript below.)

Ftk, Private Eye

The transcript is below the fold…

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Salvador Cordova – Asshole Of The Year

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsAsshole

(UPDATE: Sal’s insipid response at the end of this post)

Just when you thought Creationists could sink no lower… Just when you thought Salvador Cordova had scraped the very bottom of the barrel… Just when you thought that in space no one could hear you scream…

You are proven wrong.

Sexual relationships between humans and animals come as such a shock to people, but it doesn’t to me. There can be very deep, meaningful relationships between humans and their pets.Skatje Myers (daughter of Darwinist PZ Myers)

I’m refraining commenting on the morality of human-animal sex in this post, but human animal sex just sounds plain icky, ICKY with a capital “I”. Imagine you are the proud parent of a young lady, and then she introduces you to her prospective fiance, the “man” she wants as her husband:

Cordova The Pig’s Pig Picture

Slimy Sal actually quotemined that from the page of seventeen year old Skatje Myers (daughter of the ever awesome PZ Myers whom Sal hasn’t the balls to go after directly). As is par for the course for Slimy Sal, he didn’t bother linking to the original post, knowing that his lazy sychophants (mostly the utterly ignorant housewife known as Ftk) wouldn’t bother to go check out the integrity of his quote. Not that it would have mattered to her, but if she had, she could have read the very first sentences of Skatje’s post:

Allow me to first tell you that I personally do not have an interest in bestiality. I don’t support it being legal because I want to hump animals.

More rant, below the fold.

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Operation FuckTard

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bags(UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. Phil Plait at BadAstronomy for helping to spread the word. Go show him some love.)

The Hovind Crime Family has managed to have the Rational Response Squad’s YouTube account suspended by filing at least ten false copyright infringement claims. (That’s a felony, in case you’re interested.)

The Rational Response Squad’s rational response comes in video form (another You’re A FuckTard music video entry at the end, watch all of it!). Please download the video and repost it wherever you can, and add it as a response to this video at this link.

I suppose that when your lies masquerading as Science are exposed by people educated in the relevant fields as a pile of crap, you don’t really have any other choice but to lie to censor your critics. It’s typical behavior from Creationist “scientists”, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. For the record, “Dr.” Dino (as he styles himself) unshockingly has no credentials in either the scientific or education fields.

Once again, just cuz it’s so damned funny – Live and Acoustic, from EddyGoombah himself right below the fold!:

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YouTube Censors on Behalf of Hovind Crime Family

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsUPDATE: Another uncensored peek above our garters to Reed Cartwright of The Panda’s Thumb for this:

An uncensored peek above our garters to Javier the Science Pundit for alerting me to this:

A while back a video blogger named RabidApe held a contest to poke fun of convicted tax evaders and ridiculous creationists Kent and Jo Hovind, owners of “Dinosaur Adventure Land”, the illegally constructed Flintstonesesque theme park. Jailbird Kent styles himself “Dr. Dino”, although he has no science credentials whatever.

RabidApe’s contest led to what may be the all time funniest, catchiest music video about a complete idiot ever made, and I shared it with you here. (A huge peek above our garters to RonnieOfTheEarth for creating that, and to Matt for sharing it with us!)

Let me save you a click, here it is again:

The rest of the story is below the fold:

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Dr. Don McLeroy’s Take On Sex Ed in Texas

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsDr. Don McLeroy, Ready to Destroy Education in TexasOn the heels of my earlier post about anti-science Sunday School Teacher Dr. Don McLeroy being appointed head of the Texas Board of Education, allow me to bring to your attention another of Dr. McLeroy’s religiously motivated dangers to education in the Lone Star State.

I’ll spare you the awful frames at his homepage this time, and point you directly to his statement on abstinence only Sex Ed.

Many of us on the Bryan school district’s Teen Sexuality Committee firmly believe that a strong abstinence message is the only safe and realistic goal of a sex-education curriculum for our local schools.

Teen promiscuity results in three major risks: ill-timed or unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases-including AIDS, and emotional or psychological damage. In dealing with this problem, the committee is divided into two basic positions: those who favor a strong abstinence message, with contraception discussed in the context of marriage, and those who favor what is termed “comprehensive sex education” and believe we should give out all the appropriate information so that the sexually active teen will at least have the opportunity and knowledge to engage in what they call “protected’ sex.”

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Texas Board of Education To Be Led By Sunday School Teacher Dr. Don McLeroy

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsDr. Don McLeroy, Ready to Destroy Education in TexasAnother peek above our garters to the Bad Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait for giving us the heads up on this and to Dr. P.Z. Myers of Pharyngula, who has also now posted about it.

It seems that Governor of Texas Rick Perry has appointed a certain Dr. Don McLeroy to head the Texas Board of Education. Dr. McLeroy, whose education credentials seem to be that he is a dentist and a Sunday School teacher, has already made rumblings as to his science textbook agenda.

Yes, here we go again. Instead of teaching Texas children about Science in Science classrooms, Dr. McLeroy will be advocating teaching them his religious doctrine from a millennia old anthology of fairy tales that have no relation to reality.

America has been through this already, Dr. McLeroy. We went through this in 1925 in Tennessee, we went through this again in 1968 in Arkansas, again in 1975 in Tennessee, again in 1982 in Arkansas, again in 1987 in Louisiana, and most recently in 2005 in Pennsylvania.

(Continue reading below the fold.)

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This Is Your Brain…

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bags…on creationism – or, What The Bible Does For Your Morality

your attitude is simply unacceptable for an official of a PUBLIC university:

i happen to be one of the Colorado taxpayers who actually pay your salary, and therefore you should have some level of accountability to me and the rest of the citizens of this state.

therefore, i will be approaching Chanchellor (sic) Peterson to discuss your attitude to me. i spent a lot of my own money to collect SCIENTIFIC evidence debunking the major claims of evolution. statements from such eminent scientists as Francis Crick and Fred Hoyle are included, amongst hundreds of others.

you owe me the minimum level of courtesy of a reasoned response, and not just an arrogant withering insult.


Psychosis continues below the fold…

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Kent Hovind Music Video

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsI love catchy little tunes, and this is as catchy as it gets.

A catchy little peek above our garters to Matt from Pooflingers Anonymous for sharing this.

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