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Puss ‘n Boots and Other Odds ‘n Ends

Gossiping Ducks., by foxypar4 @ FlickrThere are a couple little things that have accumulated in my files, things that I wanted to mention on the blog here at UDoJ, but are short little things more amenable to being Tweeted at Twitter, really. I’m going to round some of them up and sort of make a grab bag for you.

First and foremost, Kate needs good head. She’s changed the look of her blog, which is really cool looking now. But she needs a header graphic. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but in all honesty, I’m afraid there will be too much ‘me’ in it, and not enough Kate.

Molly suggested holding a contest, to see who can come up with the most Kate-like header graphic. I’m kind of liking that idea, and maybe if she feels a little more at home, she’ll post more. (Knee high leather boots would help with that, just so y’know.)  If there’s interest, maybe that’s just what we’ll do. Plus, giving Molly a peek above our garters is sure to get us a peek above hers. Well, that’s more like a long stare, actually…

(more gossip below the fold)

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Death of the Spirit

The sunset of her life, by CoreyIt has not come, but the day approaches too quickly.

Sad and alone in the gathering dark, mission successfully completed, her vision grew dim in the swirling dust. When she could no longer see the stars that she loved, and from whence she came, she succumbed to the bitter cold and her once magnificent eyes finally closed, never to reopen. Good night sweet Spirit, good night.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled The sunset of her life, by Corey.

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Some Things

His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be CaesarSo anyone else think His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar is watching the goings on in Pakistan and drooling all over the notes he’s taking?

Elizabeth over at SitPS brings us the good news/bad news on Genarlow Wilson and the ENDA situation, and Chris gives us the naked truth on Barbie Porn.

Two of my favorite science blogs are in the running for Best Science Blog of 2007. Go vote for BadAstronomy or Pharyngula, if you love your momma, apple pie, beer, and good sex. If you don’t, the terrorists will win.

[ETA – Too late, they did.]

The space shuttle Discovery went up, it came down, it’s safe and sound. Going ’round the earth in circles seems kind of pointless to me, though. I’d much rather we work on a way to zip on over to 55 Cancri f, where a fifth planet has been found around the very sun-like star. It’s in the habitable zone, but about Neptune sized so it’s probably not much like Earth. It’s probably perfect for the Transgendered Purple Octopus Aliens, though. Y’all thought I was kidding about them, didn’t ya’?

The Flyboys are much improved over last year. They’re gonna kick some butt this year. Uncle Kev the sports machine is picking them for the cup. The Eagles, not so much. The Phils dudded. Other than the dreamboats on ice, it’s sucking to be a Philadephia sports fan these days. (I don’t follow basketball, and I despise the Eagles, but I feel for Uncle Kev. He had such high hopes for the birds this year.)

Matt flings some poo at this new classic from perennial nutjob MinTheGap, who tells us that if there is such a thing as Global Warming, it’s just God using the weather to draw our attention to our sin. That guy’s so far out there, he’s half-way to 55 Cancri.

Blake Stacey cracks me up.

Criss Angel exposes a fraud on TV, Rebecca tells us as she recovers from a nasty shiner. Ouch. My own eye hurts from just looking at that picture!

From whence came the art:

::That image of His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar is called Morph: George W. Bush and Nero, and was created using Morpher by Flickr user Wm Jas::

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My Time Lord and Savior

A peek above our garters to Dr. BA for pointing us to this thread at Fark.com which led us to these two comics from HomeOnTheStrange.com:

Home on the Strange (click to enlarge)

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Dr. Phil Plait – Sexy Man

Now why didn’t I think of this first?

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The Boys Are Back In Town

Androgynous in JeansAfter a pair of seemingly eternal hiatuses (hiati?), the blogosphere is once again graced by the presence of two wonderful bloggers. Please drop by and welcome them both back.

In a cosmically coincidental confluence of androgynous proportions, the man who’s nom de blog is WhoreChurch explores your anus, and Molly tells us that she sometimes fantasizes about getting a blow job.

I ask you, what are the odds of that happening on the same day?

From whence came the art:

That self portrait is titled Androgynous in Jeans, by Molly Montrevoir.

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Real Crop Circles

Drunken Crop CirclesA peek above our garters to Dr. BA over at BadAstronomy for posting an image of these real crop circles

It wasn’t astronauts who were drunk. It was aliens.

I have a somewhat different interpretation though, as posted in the comments:

Alien researcher #1 “See?”
Alien researcher #2 “No. I still don’t get it.”
Alien researcher #1 “They do it because it’s funny!”
Alien researcher #2 “But it’s not. We just wrecked some dude’s crop.”
Alien researcher #1 “Well, maybe we just didn’t do it right.”
Alien researcher #2 “I’m tellin’ ya, they do it to worship invisible people in the sky.”
Alien researcher #1 “You mean us? Nah, they’re not as dumb as you think they are.”
Alien researcher #2 “Are you kidding? Have you seen that guy they put in that big white house?”
Alien researcher #1 “Good point. Maybe we should just come back in a few thousand years.”
Alien researcher #2 “I don’t think we’ll need to bother.”

From whence came the art:

That image is from the UK Metro, and as a linking thumbnail for parody should qualify as fair use

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Announcements And General HouseKeeping

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have noticed a few changes ’round here.

Our time’s been a bit limited due to family stuff, and what time we’ve had available to spend blogging we’ve used in some behind-the-scenes stuff.

First, The Boy‘s been helping a personal friend set up her very first blog.

The Maids

She’s still working on the aesthetics and getting set up for her comfort, but she’s started out with a pretty good best-friend-rant involving a 3000 mile road trip and hot motel sex. (OK, I’m lying about the motel sex just to trick you into going over, but do it anyway.) Please welcome Diana at Themyscira to the blogosphere.

In other blogroll news, because I said so again, why?, Berlzebub’s Inferno, Eat My Fucking Stilettos, Grace Under Fire, Martyne’s Place, Persistent Thursday, and Vrai’s House of Interminable Horror are all recent additions to our MonkeySphere. Check them out, because they wouldn’t be there if they sucked.

Further down that same sidebar, you’ll note we’ve added RSS feeds for The World’s Greatest Astronomer, Dr. Phil Plait (IT’S PRONOUNCED TO RHYME WITH SKATE, IT’S NOT THAT FRAKKIN’ HARD!) over at BadAstronomy, and also for Sports Illustrated’s most improved NHL team, the Boys in Black and Orange, the Philadelphia Flyers. I love hockey, and if you don’t, you suck. Just so y’know.

[ETA – I’ve also been trying to add the RSS feed for SitPS, but each time I do my blog crashes – too may widgets maybe? – I’ll keep working on that, though. Fixed that!]

Moving on, I tweaked a few little things in the right side bar, and added the Creative Commons license. I’m trying to force myself to remember that just because it’s on the web and I like it does not mean it’s mine. I have occasionally maybe perhaps been somewhat loose with my own definition of “fair use”, and I’m trying to get on the wagon. I wouldn’t want my stuff ripped off, so I’m going to try to work with CC images for illustrating my posts, and do the best I can to remember to credit and link. You may have noticed that I’ve been trying to do that lately. You should too.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is called The Maids, by Richard Cawood

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Kate And The Transgendered Purple Octopus Alien

Love is the galactic language.So I’m browsing around, strolling through the archives here because I’m rather morose over Aunt Helen news and don’t feel like posting anything substantial, and bumped into the first mention of the Transgendered Purple Octopus Alien on this blog (actually we were still on Blogger back then, but whatever).

I guess it might be that he’s a prude, but I don’t think so.

I think what’s going on is that he’s afraid all his friends will make fun of him, or he’ll get in trouble at UD for hanging out with a “homo girl”.

That’s just dumb. Did I already say that? Well, I’m saying it again.

First, I’m not a “homo girl”. I already said I wasn’t a lesbian. I kissed a girl. I did some other stuff. With a girl. So what? What is this, 1952? 1893? 1407? Am I gonna get burned at the stake now? It felt good, and I’m gonna do it again. Tonight. Twice.

And what if I WAS a lesbian? Or a bisexual? Maybe I like sleeping with Martians! Maybe I want to tell the whole world that I had sex with a Trans-gender Purple Octopus Alien from Mars! What the hell does that have to do with anything? It wasn’t rape, so piss off to anyone who doesn’t like it. The Trans-gender Purple Octopus Alien from Mars kinda liked it! He/She is coming over tomorrow and we’re gonna do it on the front lawn! With Kate! (I’m gonna introduce her to the joys of tentacle love. ) )

The TraPOA makes occasional reappearances here from time to time, so regular readers should remember her/him.

Anyways, I remembered that I came across a portrait of her/him and Kate a while back and forgot to show that to you.

It’s below the fold.

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Somebody Lied

I always heard the sun doesn’t shine there.

I guess they were wrong.

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