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Hockey Sex

Print the t-shirts:

If you can tell the difference between hockey and sex, you’re doing one of them wrong. – The Boy

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The Boy, He Passeth

The Boy in Trafalgar Square

The Boy in Trafalgar Square

For both of you in the universe that he hasn’t Emailed yet, The Boy got his college entrance exam scores back today.

He intends to become a High School Biology Teacher.

…or possibly a circus clown.

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We’re Home

The Pond on the Back FortyJust so y’know.  The snow melted, the sky cleared, and the trip home was uneventful.  It’s rather pleasant to be home and thawed out.

The Boy wrote a little about his father-in-law and his passing.  I’d consider it a personal favor if y’all went and read it.

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Put It On Pause

We’re out of town for a family funeral, snowed in, and with dial up access (sometimes).

See you when we get back.

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In Case You Didn’t Know

It’s Kate’s Birthday.

HA! I didn’t miss it, you just thought I did! I’m not tellin’ how old she is (but I think she already did somewhere).

—whoops, that was me. —

‘scuse me, I have a special present to deliver…

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The Boy in The Red Dress


So some of you have requested to see the pictures of The Boy in The Red Dress that he wore to Aunt Helen’s viewing. (The full story at that link, here at UDoJ.)

These were actually taken the following day, due to the stress and whatnot.

Fair warning, they may make you hot and bothered.

Hottie in The Red Dress.

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Rough Day

Into That Good Night, by Infinity Rain (Vanished)

Click for the details at The Boy‘s blog.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is titled Into That Good Night, by Infinity Rain (Vanished).

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Boxers Or Briefs?

Mind The GapI need a little break from the sadness over Aunt Helen’s trip to California, and I imagine that you do, too.

So The Boy went and bought The Red Dress yesterday afternoon. That was a good time. Don’t know about The Red Dress yet?

Let me just tell ya’. It’s too funny.

It all started a long, long time ago.

In our family certain customs are observed religiously. They vary a bit from generation to generation, but some things just are not done, and some things just must be done. There’s no real logic to it all, it’s just the way it is, and breaking the rules is cause for long-term ostracization. You do not spit in public. Ladies always wear dresses to church. You do not drop the F bomb in front of your seniors. You do not discuss family dysfunction.

And you simply do not wear red to funerals.

The full story is below the fold.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Blogging Drunk

Lou in Trafalgar SquareBWAHAHAHA!

This is just too funny not to post about. There is a reporter from ABC named Blair. Someone calling herself that, and who’s IP address matched Disney’s, and who gave a valid email address for that reporter just left a comment at The Boy‘s blog, wanting to do an interview about BUI. (That’s “Blogging Under the Influence”.)

Heh, she’s already responded by EMail from the reporter’s email address, so it looks legit! How frakkin’ funny is that?

Of all the things for him to be interviewed by ABC news about, this has got to be the funniest possible one.

We’ll keep you updated, of course.

UPDATE BEFORE I EVEN GET DONE – She’s already called and the interview is done.

If you have a funny drunk blogging story, or if you frequently blog drunk, Blair would like to interview you. Send me an EMail at janiebellemcknight AT yahoo DOT com, or The Boy at loujamesdad AT yahoo, and we’ll put you in touch with Blair.

Too frakkin’ funny.

From whence came the art:

That photo is titled Lou at Trafalgar, and was taken by The Boy‘s wife on their honeymoon. Used by permission.

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Somebody Lied

I always heard the sun doesn’t shine there.

I guess they were wrong.

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