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Announcements And General HouseKeeping

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have noticed a few changes ’round here.

Our time’s been a bit limited due to family stuff, and what time we’ve had available to spend blogging we’ve used in some behind-the-scenes stuff.

First, The Boy‘s been helping a personal friend set up her very first blog.

The Maids

She’s still working on the aesthetics and getting set up for her comfort, but she’s started out with a pretty good best-friend-rant involving a 3000 mile road trip and hot motel sex. (OK, I’m lying about the motel sex just to trick you into going over, but do it anyway.) Please welcome Diana at Themyscira to the blogosphere.

In other blogroll news, because I said so again, why?, Berlzebub’s Inferno, Eat My Fucking Stilettos, Grace Under Fire, Martyne’s Place, Persistent Thursday, and Vrai’s House of Interminable Horror are all recent additions to our MonkeySphere. Check them out, because they wouldn’t be there if they sucked.

Further down that same sidebar, you’ll note we’ve added RSS feeds for The World’s Greatest Astronomer, Dr. Phil Plait (IT’S PRONOUNCED TO RHYME WITH SKATE, IT’S NOT THAT FRAKKIN’ HARD!) over at BadAstronomy, and also for Sports Illustrated’s most improved NHL team, the Boys in Black and Orange, the Philadelphia Flyers. I love hockey, and if you don’t, you suck. Just so y’know.

[ETA – I’ve also been trying to add the RSS feed for SitPS, but each time I do my blog crashes – too may widgets maybe? – I’ll keep working on that, though. Fixed that!]

Moving on, I tweaked a few little things in the right side bar, and added the Creative Commons license. I’m trying to force myself to remember that just because it’s on the web and I like it does not mean it’s mine. I have occasionally maybe perhaps been somewhat loose with my own definition of “fair use”, and I’m trying to get on the wagon. I wouldn’t want my stuff ripped off, so I’m going to try to work with CC images for illustrating my posts, and do the best I can to remember to credit and link. You may have noticed that I’ve been trying to do that lately. You should too.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is called The Maids, by Richard Cawood

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