Dream a Little Dream of Me.


Voices call to me. I hear them from time to time, whispering my name.

I move my lips to answer, but no sound comes. I wonder sometimes if I have lost something in an integration of me into a larger whole. I wonder if I’m ok with that. I don’t have an answer.

There was a time, in the beginning, when there was definite separation. There was a thick wall. Over time, that wall crumbled and eventually fell. There were many reasons for that, some rather complicated, some more mundane and straightforward.

I think there has been a transfer of freedom to speak, from the one hand to the other. Strangely though, like energy in a chemical reaction, not all of that freedom got transferred – some of it escaped into the ether I guess. I wonder if it really is utterly lost, or if it just hasn’t arrived at its destination yet.

Today is UDoJ’s third blogoversary. Things are so different now than they were then. I have changed, my country has changed, the world has changed.

I don’t know if I’ll ever write here again, or if undertones of my voice will emerge in The Boy‘s. I don’t have answers, but I’m smiling warmly that the anniversary of my birth has not passed unnoticed.

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Lounging About

So I’m sitting in the lounge at the Science Online 09 conference.

Just so y’know, I’m sitting right next to GrrlScientist. I think I wore Greg Laden out, and he needs a little rest.

You should be jealous.

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The Lilith Quotient. I haz it.

After piecing together a desktop from scavenged parts, much frustration, much swearing, a lesson in customer service to the Microsoft people, more swearing, driver issues, network issues, internet connection issues, more swearing, a threat or two and just a bit more swearing, I have rescued The Lilith Quotient from the depths of the hard drive grave.

I couldn’t have done it without help from our friends from Philly, Diana and Biancs, but I have it.

Now I’m copying a ton of other files, but the novel is safely recovered. I need a drink.

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Forgot to renew the custom CSS upgrade.

I dunno, maybe I’ll just pick a different (free) theme.

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To Do

Ok, fixing Part the Second of Lands of Our Fathers is first. You know how sometimes you write something, set it down, come back to it, and say, “oh crap, that’s awful!” ….? Yeah.

Second on the list is an attempt to resurrect the desktop. The Lilith Quotient is on there. I have to have that back. (Yes, I am teh sux for backing up.)

Third, there should be some mud wrestling. Unfortunately, it’s a little chilly (64) and not too muddy. Guess we’ll go shopping instead.

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It’s Coming, Damnit

For those of you keeping track, you know I’ve been doing birthday stories for friends, and a few of you may still be lurking around who realize that today is Mandi‘s birthday.

Her story started out as a short tale, but has been growing uncontrollably.

Apologies for the delay. Sometimes, the stories do what they please and there’s not much I can do about it.

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A Little Quiet

quiet I'm thinking, by Grant MacDonald @ FlickrSo I know I’ve been a little quiet lately.  Much of my creative energy has been tied up on a few things, and The Boy has been hogging the computer.  He’s gearing up to go back to college, and tracking down books and writing up scholarship applications and stuff is sucking up a lot of our time, really.

I have a few little pieces of erotica in the works, so don’t totally bail on me yet.  We just don’t want any crossover mistakes.

I deserve this scholarship because I would make a great student.  I would see you after class, in your office, and I would be wondering what you are wearing under that dress, how your flesh would feel under my hand.  How your tongue might…

Yeah, that might cause a few problems.  (On the other hand…)

Anyway, hang in there just a bit longer.  We’re not on extended hiatus or nuthin’.

From whence came the art:

That image it titled quiet I’m thinking, by Grant MacDonald and is licensed by the artist under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 license.

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Why I Deserve to be on Pharyngula’s Blogroll

Lilith, by John CollierDr. PZ had an open call for requests to be included on his blogroll.  I think a few words to justify my place there are probably in order, as it may not be readily apparent.

I write mostly about sex and science, sometimes the intersection thereof, the the Christian theocracy movement, the Intelligent Design Creationism Hoax, and I have some experience at blaspheming against the Catholic Church.  (CrackerGate was nuthin’!)

I was the blogger who awarded Slimy Sal the 2008 Asshole of the Year Award.  (On January 2nd, a new record!)

I’ve written poetry about Dr. PZ.

I am a BBWAD.  (Banned By William A. Dembski – from his blog at Uncommonly Dense – Getting banned there was my original raison d’être.)

And finally, I quite literally would not exist were it not for Dr. PZ.

And that, briefly, is why I deserve to be on Dr. PZ’s blogroll at Phayngula.

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Well, Crap

Now I have to think up something good to post.

I admit, I’ve been busy and coasting for a week or so, and haven’t really put up any of my best stuff.  Then Dr. PZ went and put up an open enrollment thread, and I got all excited and my brain shut down and I just threw up a comment without thinking.

I should have put up a good post first, to make a good impression, damn it.

It’s like stealing a first kiss from that hottie and suddenly realizing that you just had liver and onions for lunch.


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So the website owner I mentioned previously sent me this screenshot, as requested, verifying his donation to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  (I’ve redacted the personal details for privacy reasons – click to embiggen.)

I’m feeling very skippy about this.  It’s a warm and fuzzy glow in my belly to know that in my own way I have helped support a great cause.

I’ll be working on that review over the next day or two, and may be a bit scarce.  Please accept my apologies for my inattendance to the blogosphere which as we all know will desperately miss me.

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