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Virtual Vamp

Gothic by OctaviS @ Flickr

“You’ll have to be more specific, Steph. ‘Danger’ doesn’t really help me here.” I wanted to give her the best experience I could, really show off the system, but her reticence was beginning to wear on me.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

Crap. I really like Steph, but sometimes she’s a huge pain in my ass. I still had to get Rystefn’s holo done, and that project was taking forever, what with the little free time I had to work on it, and with his um.. needs.

“Steph, it’d just be a lot easier for me, and a lot better for you in the end, if you were just frank. You can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, if you just tell me what to program…”

“Wait. I can be anyone?”

“Sure, why not? I mean, I can’t make you six feet tall without a ton of work, but the computer can do some minor body adjustments. Want to be blonde? Black hair? 18 years old? Whatever. That stuff’s pretty easy to do.”

“Black hair. I want black hair and forever young. Like a vampire.”

“ah, see now we’re getting somewhere. A vampire I can do. What else?”

“Could you do a little something about..”

I smiled. “Sure Steph. Our little secret. Should be ready by Friday, how’s that? Then you’ll have the whole weekend.”

Steph smiled that all too rare big grin of hers. “See you Friday!”

I called Kate. This was going to be good.

(Story continues below the fold)

“Look, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but it’s not like you’re cheating if you do, Steph. Think of it as a really complicated vibrator.”

“I don’t know. I should ask Ben what he thinks first.”

“Ben’s off having a great time with Kate.” Oops. That might have been the perfectly wrong thing to say under the circumstances. “I didn’t mean it that way, Steph. Ben wanted you to have a great time for your birthday, right? What could be better than a little strange?”

Steph frowned a little. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Ben or anything. It was more that she didn’t really trust Kate. Well, not knowing her as well as she knew me, I could understand, but Kate wouldn’t be doing anything with Ben that she wouldn’t do with Steph standing right there. Not that that was a lot of consolation when it came to Kate…

“Steph, if you can trust me, you can trust Kate. She gave her word not to lay a hand on him, ok? It’s your birthday, just relax and enjoy the ride. It’ll be better than Star Trek, I promise. And Steph, what happens in the holochamber, stays in the holochamber. If you’ll forget I’m watching, I’ll forget I’m seeing. I’m only there for safety reasons. You remember the safeword?”

“Yeah, I remember. But I’m not – ”

“Just relax.” I walked her inside the plain black room. “Remember, the lights will go out for a second, and then the computer will bring up the sim. Have fun with it, ok?”


I stepped back out and closed the door behind me, shaking my head all the way to the control booth. “Danger? I got danger for you…” I muttered to myself.

I sat in the co-pilot’s seat and mic’d up. “Can you hear me alright?”


“Ok, here go the lights. Enjoy.” I cut the lights and gave it a few extra moments to let her eyes adjust to the darkness while I got everything ready. I smiled to myself, and gave her just another few moments to increase the impression. She was going to love this.

“Ok, here we go…”

It was nighttime in the sim. I had tweaked the full moon a bit for size and brightness, exaggerating it for a little extra impact. It had the intended effect. Steph’s breath caught audibly.

I had dropped her in a fallow field some distance from the little village I had created. She took a few minutes to bend down and feel the weeds, and she was obvious in her awe. “Holy shit.”

“See, I told you it was awesome. Ok, this is the last you’ll hear from me unless you need me.” She started walking toward the village. “Uh, ok, just one more thing. You’re a vampire, remember? You can fly. Just jump and go.”

With that, Steph finally got around to checking herself out. She first touched her teeth. I grinned as she realized just how sharp they were, pulling her hand back quickly. She’d even drawn a little real blood. She pulled some of her long black hair around to check it out, and gave it a little yank. Yeah Steph, it really does hurt when you do that. I chuckled to myself.

Then she made me giggle, and I was glad I’d cut the mic off. Watching her standing in a field in the middle of the night, trying to check out her own ass, was pretty comical. Of course, even if I’d have given her a mirror, it wouldn’t have done her any good. I could almost see the gears going in her head as she was wondering just that.

Finally, she gave the flying thing a go. The computer really did all the work, and it wasn’t like she’d have to really learn to fly. She made a sort of jumping motion, and the computer obediently lowered the sim around her, giving the perfect illusion of flying, from her point of view.

Naturally, she could have flown in any position she wanted, including standing straight up, and the computer wouldn’t have cared one little bit, but as people have the Superman position ingrained in them as the proper attitude for flight, that’s the position she took. I got another giggle when I peeked up the miniskirt I’d dressed her in. I um… forgot… to put panties on her. heh, I wondered how long it would take her to notice.

Some days, I really crack myself up.

It wasn’t long before she reached the imaginary village, not a hair out of place of course despite the wind effect. In a virtual world, you can always look your best, y’know.

Steph did a big loop of the village, just kind of checking things out. Damn, none of the stupid pretend villagers were noticing her. What kind of vampire experience would she have without striking fear into the hearts of her prey? I tweaked a few lines of code, and a buxom young blonde suddenly pointed to the sky and began to scream. I shook my head when Steph looked over her shoulder to see what the girl was screaming about.

She got the idea quickly enough, and decided to go with the flow. She put on her best scary face and dive bombed for the ground, hands in the stereotypical claw posture. I double checked the code to make sure she wouldn’t face plant.

At first Steph was content to just fly around and scare the hell out of the villagers. Then she began to really get into it. She chased them, laughing. She’d fly right up behind them as they ran, just slow enough to allow them to escape. When they’d reach the door to their hovel, she’d let them go in, and then find another to chase. As the number of villagers on the street dwindled, I’d kick a few out of their homes, and send them down the street again, giving her some more sport.

After a bit, she seemed to be getting a little bored with the game. With all good vampire stories though, there’s a vampire slayer. I figured it was about time for him to show, and gave him his cue.

A strong and handsome young man, tall and bearded, stepped out of the shadows just as Steph flew by. He reached out and grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking hard and spinning her in midair as her body’s momentum carried her past.

“Ow, that had to hurt.”

“She’s fine.”

Steph landed in a heap in the dirt as her raven locks slid through the Hero’s fingers.

“Hey, you fucking jerk! That hurt!”

“Get up, bitch. You’re days are done here.”

She picked herself up and scowled at him.

“I’m a fucking vampire, douchebag. I’ll bite your dumb ass.” She was rubbing her head where he’d gotten ahold of it. Oops, looked like she had parted with a few of those locks.

The Hero chuckled scornfully. “Unlikely, wench.”

She hesitated a moment, unsure of herself. It was her first time, after all. Regaining her composure, and perhaps remembering that this was her simulation, her face turned from one of pain to one of anger. She was going to kick this arrogant bastard’s ass.

She strode right up to him and gave him a good shove. He barely budged. Laughing at her, he bared his fangs. I watched her blood run cold.

In a flash, his hand was at her throat, and he picked her up effortlessly and drew her to him. Eyeball to eyeball, they stared at each other as her face changed yet again from one of fear to one of confident defiance. She kneed him in the groin and he cried out in pain as he dropped her to the ground.

Steph was completely lost in the moment by then, and delivered a backhand that hurt me as I watched. He was on his knees, still holding his crotch. “Really? That’s all you got?” she mocked. He grabbed her ankle and pulled hard, landing her on her back. He was on her in a second. She stuck her thumb in his eye. She rolled him over, and he flipped her onto her back.

The two of them rolled in the dirt, fighting and clawing, kicking and slapping and punching until there was little more than a tangle of arms and legs flailing about on the ground. They were on their feet, and then across the road. They crashed in a pile through a door and then another. Steph was apparently having the time of her life.

And then suddenly, they weren’t fighting anymore. What was a knock-down-drag-out slugfest had somewhere along the line morphed into a knock-down-drag-out passion fest. Clothing was rent. Furniture was broken. Villagers were stupified. I was amused.

There was broken glass and droplets of blood, howling and biting, kicking and kissing, and eventually there was screaming and fucking.

For once, I was the one amazed. Who knew that the human body could do that? Oh, wow, that looked interesting! Out loud, I wondered, “Did she just…?”

“Yeah. I think she did. Should we tell them?”

“Nah, they’ve got all weekend. Let ’em think they’re cheating on each other. We’ll tell them when they come out Sunday night.”

“Good call. Let’s just watch them fuck.”

“Y’know Kate, we could be villagers for a while.”

“I love the way you think, Janie. Let’s go.”

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Gothic by OctaviS, and is licensed by the artist under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 license.

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5 Responses

  1. Stephanie Z says:

    Thank you, Janie. No one’s ever given me a story for my birthday before. Silly people.

    Just one question. Why wouldn’t my ass be just as good in a simulation as in real life?

    Big, happy, slightly breathless kisses back, dear.

  2. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday, Steph!

    Just stay out of my village. My vampire slaying doesn’t end so happily.

  3. Rystefn says:

    LoL… I can’t stop wondering about Rystefn’s… needs. Even I have trouble imagining the kind of things I’d ask for in a simulation like that, and I’m a pretty imaginative guy.

  4. ladypandorah says:

    Vampires on the brain, my dear JanieBelle? Why is it we are so fascinated by them? The Libertinism of them perhaps…Whatever the reason, they’re bloody sexy! Liking the holo-twist of the genre.

  5. JanieBelle says:

    Oh god, I’m so sorry everyone.

    School has kept us so busy, I’ve been completely oblivious to what’s going on on my own blog.


    You’re welcome, Steph. I really enjoyed doing it, and look forward to January.



    I know you’re in the hospital right now, and might not get the chance to read this (though I hope you do), but I have something special I’m working on for you. I’m just having trouble making it work.


    yes, the Libertinism, the freedom, the sensuality, the inherent intimacy of vampirism, all of it, rolled up into a big, sexy, tootsieroll of an idea.


    Kisses to you all.

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Kate Once Said:

  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

    It's making me excited again."

Awards and Nominations

WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Order of the Science Scouts

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