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Tony’s Adult Cam Reviews – A Review For Charity

Full Disclosure: There was a monetary exchange involved with this review. The owner of the reviewed site donated $40 in my honor to Americans United for Separation of Church and State in exchange for this review of his website.  I have received no other compensation from the site owner.  All images in this review link to the appropriate page on the Tony’s Adult Cam Review website.

Tonys Adult Cam Reviews

I was contacted a week or so ago by Tony, owner of Tony’s Adult Cam Reviews, with an offer of cash to review his site here on this blog.  While I was hesitant to get myself into more trouble with WordPress (the WP staff is a little weird about sex), Tony and I hammered out a deal involving a donation to a charity of my choice.  Let me take a moment to thank Tony for his willingness to work out this unusual arrangement, and also thank him for the donation to a cause I hold near and dear to my heart.  The rise of the Christian theocracy movement in particular disturbs me greatly, and affects us all in every part of our lives.  Tony’s $40 will go toward protecting us all from that.

(My review is below the fold)

Reviewed by Tony and Rated by you!

Tony’s Adult Cam Reviews is a website which does just what the name implies.  It reviews adult webcam sites, and offers up Tony’s opinions on sites that host adult webcams.  He does not host the webcams directly on his site, and in fact has a “no nudity on this site” policy.  I really love the idea that someone has taken the time to check them all out thoroughly, put up a review of each site, and then allow the public to rate them themselves.

My very first thought about TACR involves the color choices.  TACR sports a mostly hot-pink and baby blue theme on the front page which is a bit garish at first.  It takes a little getting used to, but it grows on me.  Don’t let that chase you off.

The Front Page

Front Page

On the front page, I like that there is a short blurb by Tony, a little screenshot/logo, and basic stats for each site, including the price and a rating.  There’s also a spot for promotions, and one for specials (indicated by little icons).

The full reviews are without a prominent link, and if you’re not paying attention, they’re easy to overlook.  They’re on the far right side of the page, under the rating.  I missed them entirely until well into the review, and it’s my biggest complaint about the front page.  My suggestion to Tony might be to change the title of each website, so that instead of linking directly to each site, they link to his review.  The little logo/screenshot can still link directly to the camsite, and it would improve navigation tremendously.

As it is, the Front Page comes off more like an advertisement or simple link farm, so getting the review link to stand out and grab some attention would be a big step toward changing that impression.

Beneath the first ten sites listed on the front page is a sort of “on-deck circle”, where ten other sites are placed for “Upcoming Review”.  I really like this feature as a teaser to get me to check back.

The Introduction Page

The Introduction Page

In TACR’s header is a set of links, one of which is labeled “Introduction”.  It was as good a place for me to start as any, being a webcam virgin myself.

As you can see in the image to the right, TACR introduces a left hand side bar, with handy links to the top sites, then to the top reviews.  The third box in the sidebar provides links to the Beginner’s Guide.  Many of these links are contained in the text of the Introduction Page itself, and the brevity of each page linked there leaves me wondering why those pages are not incorporated into the Introduction Page.  Clicking through to page after page left me a bit stale, and Tony would be better served, I think, to consolidate them all and point those links in the sidebar to sections on the page using anchors to save page loads for his readers.

The Beginner’s Guide is very helpful on the whole, providing information on what’s available, how to get it, and how much it’s going to cost.  It might benefit from some links to specific categories of webcams, and which sites offer the best of those.

The Reviews

In addition to the quick blurb at the top of the page, there are somewhat more informative synopses toward the bottom of the Front Page.  There are no links to these and it takes a bit of scrolling to find them.  I like them but they’re likely to be missed, so I’d move them to the top of the main review pages where they won’t be wasted in the cellar of the Front Page.

Once I properly clicked the first link to a review, it took me to a more thorough evaluation, and the rating system for the site in question.

The reviews themselves are helpful, with Tony’s impressions spelled out pretty plainly.  He doesn’t shy away from advice like “be careful here”, and some sites do get better reviews than others.  It was good to see that not every site got a rave review.

A good example of a very mixed review:

“There were 473 female performers on line when I checked the site out and some girls really work at getting you hot enough to pay for a private show. Others just sit there sipping coffee and are hardly worth your time. Be warned that some don’t look a thing like their thumbnail pic, so be careful when selecting because if you’re paying, you might as well get your money’s worth.”

That said, one thing that stood out to me was Tony’s (possibly justifiable) infatuation with one site in particular.  ImLive.com seems to have captured his heart, and its review is more in-depth and more complimentary by far than any of the others.  I also noted that links to ImLive were rather ubiquitous throughout the site.

It is entirely possible that such praise is well-earned and well-deserved, but I can’t speak to that specifically.  I did not register and buy time at each of the reviewed cam sites to evaluate them.  (That’s why we have Tony, right?)

Nevertheless, it gives the entire site a small undercurrent of advertisement for ImLive, and it’s something to bear in mind.  I’d like to see more parity in the depth of review for the other cam sites, even if they are not as positive in the end.

The reviews have several tenors to them, much like a blog tends to have.  While one review comes off as in-your-face sassy, the next comes off more professionally, and the next almost over-the-top puerile.  Consistancy of voice would create a more useful impression, and I would suggest adopting a more professional voice for the site, and save the sass for the blog.

In all fairness to Tony, he did recognize that fact and warned me of it ahead of time.  So, he’s aware of that issue and intends to address it.

The site is in need of some editing, to pick up some typos and general oddities of speech, things that might drive away users.  One quick example:

“And it’s not just online girls, you can actually meet couples, lesbians, men, and they even have shemale webcams!”

I tend to bristle at terms like “shemale” though that may be the accepted convention in adult webcam circles, and are lesbians not, by definition, girls?

The Rating System

The Rating System

The user rating system is simple, and easy to use.  It’s set up with radio buttons on a 1 – 5 scale, from Very Bad to Fantastic, in four categories: Overall, Hostess Available, Value for Money, and Video Quality.  I’d like to see a few more detailed questions like, “My fetish”, or maybe even more specific categories, like “BDSM”, “lesbian”, etc., so that a more specific rating for each reviewer’s taste can be taken into account.

Also, the rating given to each site is a single rating, and is not broken down into how the reviewers rated each category.  I’d like to see that added, as well as the actual number of people who have reviewed each site.  A five star rating is impressive, but less so if there has only been one reviewer.  I’d find a four star site reviewed by a thousand people more alluring.

The Blog

Tony's Blog

The blog seems to not get much attention.  It needs to be updated more often, and something other than the generic WordPress theme would make it more attractive to users.  It could be better integrated into the website itself, and it would be helpful and interesting to see it pushed more from the front page.

I’d like to see regular entries of “Hey, I was just over at…” as well as have a new thread for each new review, so that people can comment on them individually.  It might help to add an RSS widget for the blog post feed and for the comments feed, perhaps in the side bar for each review at the main site, linking to the blog post addressing that site.

So if I’m reading Tony’s review and rating JanieBellesHotCam.com, in the side bar I’ve got a brief extract of the blog post and the most recent comments on that post.  I can then click on them to go to that blog post and contribute, bringing more of a user-community feel to the whole site.  Then I can either hit my back button, or click back from the blog post to the main review page.

This, I think, would be the most useful and significant improvement to the usability and interest level of TACR.

Overall Impression

Internet Destroyer Advertising

One of the most heinous things about “free” trials of porn sites to me is the additional fine print.  Nothing will piss me off more than being forced to sign up for some unrelated subscription that I will have to cancel or be charged for.  I’d like to see TACR, as a review site, be very explicit about such ninja trial subscriptions at the sites it reviews and recommends.  TACR purports to be in our corner, getting us the best stuff, and that’s a big consideration.

There were no popups or attempts to install software on my computer, but as expected, slightly more ads in Internet Destroyer. They’re mostly static with a few animated ones in the pages some of which FireFox effectively blocks right out of the box.  I’ve provided an image of the Front Page as seen in Internet Destroyer, and circled one such ad that does not appear in FireFox.  Nothing too annoyingly flashy, and nothing that would drive me away.  There weren’t even any that bothered me enough to expend the effort to adblock them (which I’m sure Tony appreciates if he gets paid per view).

Overall, Tony’s Adult Cam Reviews is informative and helpful, if still experiencing the pains of birth.  He’s obviously spent quite a bit of time working on bringing to the world, in one place, a handy guide for getting the most bang for your buck.  (You didn’t seriously expect me to go an entire post of this length without at least one sex pun, did you?)  He notes his own proclivities in several places, and notes his lack thereof as well, which helps to see his reviews from your own personal angle.

I was glad to see it wasn’t just another porn link farm, with a great deal of effort and no small amount of money invested in the site.  With a little bit of mechanical tweaking and editorial clean-up, I would recommend the site to anyone interested in exploring a web-cam fantasy.

Full Disclosure: There was a monetary exchange involved with this review. The owner of the reviewed site donated $40 in my honor to Americans United for Separation of Church and State in exchange for this review of his website. I have received no other compensation from the site owner. All images in this review link to the appropriate page on the Tony’s Adult Cam Review website.

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2 Responses

  1. Infophile says:

    Quite an interesting review, though I have to say, it comes off more like you’re reviewing for Tony’s benefit rather than trying to suck users in. Of course, can’t necessarily fault you for that. You were clear up front that you’d be impartial, and one of the benefits with a website with regards to reviews is that it can always be changed (unlike, say, a book).

    On a tangential note, you mention how you’ve got Firefox set up to block ads, but I can’t find the option for that. Is that some add-on you use, or am I just missing that?

  2. JanieBelle says:

    Hello Infophile!

    While reviewing the site, I was thinking about what I would want people to tell me if it were mine. So when I found something I disliked, or thought needed some work, I thought I’d point it out and then maybe offer some suggestions on how I thought it could be improved, things that would make me want to come back.

    Since Tony’s site doesn’t host any of its own webcams, reviewing those would really be competing with him, rather than reviewing him.

    I sincerely hope his site does well, and he continues doing the reviews. I’ve never patronized at webcam establishment, but I might at some point, and I would go to Tony’s to help me decide which one deserved my money.

    As for Firefox… Firefox comes with ad blocking turned on by default. It works OK, but what really kicks ass is the add-on extension called Adblock Plus.

    (Then add the “Easy List” subscription)

    Get it. Install it. Take back the web.

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

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Awards and Nominations

WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Order of the Science Scouts

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