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Mike Huckabee, Theocrat, In His Own Words

Huckabee, by candid

“I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution,” Huckabee told a Michigan audience on Monday. “But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.”

A peek above our garters to both Dr. PZ and Dr. BA for this.

I can’t help but wonder which parts of the Bible will be enforced first. Slavery? Submission of women? What style of burqa will be all the rage in the Spring of 2009?

I find it terrifying that until yesterday this guy was the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America in 2008. Saturday is South Carolinia’s turn to step up and betting on Huckabee to win there is pretty safe, I’m afraid.

The idea that Mike Huckabee is regarded as anything other than a crackpot throwback to the middle ages says something rather unflattering about America today. The fact that he’s a viable candidate speaks volumes about the Republican party and the direction it would like to take this country. Personally, I’m not interested in going that way.

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20 Responses

  1. Infophile says:

    Well, to be honest, I think appearing on the Colbert Report a few times helped boost his popularity from people who know nothing of his views. Sadly, Stephen didn’t do much to mock him as he usually does to crackpot guests.

    He also appeared the Canadian faux-news show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a while back. It was in a segment called “Talking to Americans,” where Rick Mercer went down to Arkansas to see what Americans knew of Canada. He actually treated Huckabee with the respect he deserved. Huckabee came out of it congratulating Canada on their national igloo.

  2. Deacon Barry says:

    If Scudderbee wins in South Carolina then this won’t have hurt him in the slightest. In fact, I think he’s just raised the ante. The message is clear to the social conservatives, he’s serious about abortion and gay marriage. If he becomes president, then he’ll deliver the goods where Bush failed.
    He was on Fox and Friends this morning, and they didn’t even question him about it! I was waiting for it, but the topic was conspicuous by its absence.

  3. Sman says:

    Perhaps, he can convince Sherry “Flat Earth” Sheppard to be his running mate.

  4. JanieBelle says:

    He’s an insidious threat, that’s for sure. And Sherry the ignoramus is just the kind of voter that he needs and to which he appeals.

    Deacon Barry,

    Fox has leaked all the way to Scotland? Oh, I am so sorry. I’ll see what I can do about getting a toxic waste crew right over, and I’ll try and get my Congresscritter to introduce a bill to send over reparations.

  5. Deacon Barry says:

    I’ve got a vast range of american news channels to choose from – Fox and CNN. Fox is more entertaining – it oozes right wing bias from every pore. They’ve just reported that Huckabee is running neck and neck with McCain at 24%, so this comment doesn’t seem to have hurt his campaign much.

  6. JanieBelle says:

    Sadly, in all likelihood it will help his campaign.

    So, exactly… how cold does it get in the winter in the UK?

  7. Deacon Barry says:

    In Scotland, the winter forces us to abandon our T-shirts and don fitba’ tops instead.

  8. It’s supposed to be 14C for a high temp here today, which is about normal for this time of year. Sunday it’s only supposed to be 3C, but that’s unusually cold.

    We’ve been to London and down to the Salisbury Plain, but that was Summer time. It was rainy and chilly (light jacket weather) in ’06, but Janie said it was warm and wonderful when she was there in ’05 (July, the week of the second bombings).

  9. JanieBelle says:


    No way we’re moving to Scotland, then. It could be close enough to visit in the summer though, if it’s better in the south of England somewhere.

  10. Deacon Barry says:

    Ah, but England gets all the floods.
    Anyway, back to topic. I see yer man didn’t win in South Carolina, but he came in a close second with rock solid evangelical support. I don’t think his comments did him any harm with his core supporters.

  11. JanieBelle says:

    Yeah, I’m a little surprised (pleasantly might be too strong a word).

    Exit polls are pretty revealing, though. The ones I’ve seen so far have Huckabee being supported basically because he’s a Christian. No mentions of policy on anything other than imposing theocracy that I’ve seen.

  12. JanieBelle says:

    Huckabee, the winner of the January 3 Iowa caucuses, led widely among the self-described evangelicals who made up nearly 60 percent of the vote, according to exit polls. The Baptist pastor-turned-governor sharply emphasized his conservative Christian credentials in the state and was the choice of 40 percent of those voters.

    But he took only 12 percent of the nonevangelical vote, while McCain took 40 percent and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney took 21 percent.


  13. So the question is is the Evangelical vote alone enough to get him the nomination? My guess would be probably not but if the nomination is not locked before the convention it might get him the position of king maker. Vice President Huckabee would still send Lyne and I on a one way trip to Malta (Warm, speak English & easy to get citizen ship)

  14. Deacon Barry says:

    McCain as president, Huckabee as vice pres. What happens if John gets incapacitated?

  15. JanieBelle says:

    He’s scary enough that I can’t imagine any good scenario where he’s in charge of anything more than the inmates’ checkers club.

    I don’t know if the crazies have enough power left to get him elected to the top billing, but the king-maker/VP scenario isn’t far-fetched enough for my comfort. McCain is also a whack job, but not as far gone as Huckabee. (I don’t think so anyway – I could be wrong.) I don’t relish the idea of Huckabee in a position where he’d be second in line to the Presidency.

    God may work in mysterious ways, but religious zealots have a documented track record.

  16. Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is a false prophet.

    God has not allowed him the resources necessary to win the Republican nomination, mostly because Pastor Gov. Huckabee is extremely weak on illegal mexican immigration, has raised taxes, and has collaborated in the past with abortionists.

    We evangelicals are not monolithic. The Iowans were deceived by the Demon, but God has worked in Our hearts since.

  17. JanieBelle says:

    Ah, but I’m rather sure he’s a true profit.

  18. Deacon Barry says:

    Romney’s withdrawn, McCain is the front runner, but Huckabee’s still running. What’s his game?

  19. JanieBelle says:

    I’m guessing he’s trying to extort his way to the vice-presidency, Deacon.

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Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

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