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One Hundred Pages

I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogoverse lately. There’s a couple reasons for that. For one thing, I’ve just been in a quiet mood. Not down or anything, just quiet.

For another, I’ve been making progress on my novel, The Lilith Quotient. I was stuck for the longest time. I had some vague ideas of things I wanted to do, but each time I tried to implement them, they just came out crappy. Recently the massive mental block I had began to crack and words began to flow a little better.

Some of the issue is anal retentiveness, I think. I made some notes throughout the copy I had in hand, like “add this here” or “rewrite this transition” with the intent of moving the story along and then coming back to clean up a little. Unfortunately, as they accumulated, they sat in the back of my mind, nagging me to distraction, so I couldn’t write chapter seven because I was distracted by something back in chapter three.

I finally just forced myself to begin at the beginning, and tend to every single note before I moved on. I looked at the first note. I stared at it. I read and re-read all the text leading up to that note. Days passed. Hair grew six inches on my legs. Presidents came and went, and still I stared at that note. I finally had an idea about it, ran with it, wrote it down. It sucked, but it was forward progress. I reworked it. Better. I reworked it again, better still. I stared, I thought, they fed me liver and macaroni and cheese with a tube. I worked at it. I got it to where I could live with it and move on.

I made a point of reading all your blogs once in the morning and once at night, and only commenting if I just couldn’t control myself. The withdrawal symptoms wracked my body and mind, but I persevered through the pain. I got a feed reader to lessen the temptation and speed up my surfing. The notes called to me.

The next note went a little easier, and the next one easier than that. I re-read the text from beginning to the next note. I made more notes, then addressed them.

After much work, I’m proud to say I’ve taken care of all the notes and I’m moving forward. Yesterday, I cracked a hundred pages, and the story is still moving. It’ll still need work when I’m done, but it’s together enough that it’s not nagging me anymore. Words have always come easily to me, so this is entirely outside my experience. I think it’s just a matter of the length. I’ve never attempted to write anything so very long as a novel.

I sent out a couple of copies for feedback, and I’ve gotten a few suggestions and assists.

Now my blog is collecting cobwebs, and it’s beginning to nag at me, so I’m posting this as much to shut my brain the frack up as much as I am to give you an update. I limited my time for this post to five minutes, so forgive me if it’s a little rough.

I’m happy now. I’m going back to the novel.

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Mike Huckabee, Theocrat, In His Own Words

Huckabee, by candid

“I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution,” Huckabee told a Michigan audience on Monday. “But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.”

A peek above our garters to both Dr. PZ and Dr. BA for this.

I can’t help but wonder which parts of the Bible will be enforced first. Slavery? Submission of women? What style of burqa will be all the rage in the Spring of 2009?

I find it terrifying that until yesterday this guy was the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America in 2008. Saturday is South Carolinia’s turn to step up and betting on Huckabee to win there is pretty safe, I’m afraid.

The idea that Mike Huckabee is regarded as anything other than a crackpot throwback to the middle ages says something rather unflattering about America today. The fact that he’s a viable candidate speaks volumes about the Republican party and the direction it would like to take this country. Personally, I’m not interested in going that way.

Original source.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Huckabee, by candid.

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Public Service Announcement II

I’ve been in a Public Service Announcement / YouTube kinda mood. I hope ya’ll will forgive me, but GrrlScientist is really to blame here.

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Benny Hinn Death Metal Concert

(A peek above our garters to Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars for this.)

It really was inevitable.

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Public Service Announcement

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Church Burnin’ Ebola Blog

 The unitarian church in fire in may 1987, by guil3433 @ FlickrYes Virginia, there is now a blog.

Go say “hi”.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled The unitarian church in fire in may 1987, by guil3433.

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When They Came For JanieBelle, I Said Nothing

A peek above our garters to Adam (AKA SunburntKamel) at archGFX.

You may recall the de-listing incident last year. The short version is that WP marked this blog and Kate’s (as well as others’ who cried out in protest) as “mature” (even if they weren’t). What that does is deny access to these blogs in the WordPress global category pages to all readers, even ones specifically looking for our content.

Clicking on any of the category links below this very post will take you to a WP.com page listing all the blogs that have recently blogged about something regarding that category. It’s actually a very cool service to find posts about the things for which you are looking, or in which you are interested. It’s very cool that is, unless you’ve been arbitrarily removed from that service. What that amounts to is de-facto censorship.

While WP is a privately owned site and I do not dispute the owners’ right to do as they please, it’s rather disingenuous of them to tout their support of freedom of expression on the one hand but deny access to certain blogs on the other.

Anyway, when all this went down, one WordPress blogger, a blogger who we found helpful and informative, a blogger whose blog we really liked, did not come to our defense. In fact, she came to WordPress’ defense.

In a Bad Karmic twist of fate, TimeThief (UPDATE: whose blog is now missing entirely) has now not only been de-listed, she’s been blocked from the forums where she had spent untold hours assisting new bloggers and answering questions as a volunteer. Dr. Mike, of similar stature and experience, has also been shut out. No explanations, no warning, no nothing. Just locked out.

Apparently, there were others as well, although I’m not familiar with them.

I think I’ll probably have to find a new home soon, so if the blog just disappears you know what happened. In the event that UDoJ is summarily deleted, I’ll leave word on where to find our new home at our old Blogger Blog. I’ve just backed up the blogs in their entirety, so fear not for the history. All the classic stuff will be preserved.

Somehow, a quote from more dire times comes to mind:

When the Nazis arrested the Communists,
I said nothing; after all, I was not a Communist.
When they locked up the Social Democrats,
I said nothing; after all, I was not a Social Democrat.
When they arrested the trade unionists,
I said nothing; after all, I was not a trade unionist.
When they arrested me, there was no longer anyone who could protest.

Martin Niemöller

Fortunately, the WordPress staff is not in charge of a country.

Forgive me if this post is a bit haphazard and lacking in the derision and disgust it deserves, but given The Boy‘s family situation I felt it was more important to put a post up than to give it the attention it really needs. Pop on over to Adam’s post and speak up.

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Ftk – Private Eye

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsThanks Janine. This made my morning. You get TWO peeks above our garters and a big wet tongue kiss on the steps of the courthouse, just to make Ftk’s skin crawl.

Ftk has apparently just been clued in to the fact that I’m a fictional girl. That’s too funny.

(Click to embiggen the image, or read the transcript below.)

Ftk, Private Eye

The transcript is below the fold…

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

aids scorpion

As long as the subject of zoophilia is currently in the spotlight here, let me bring up something that I’ve been pondering for several weeks. In France there is an AIDS awareness campaign out that plays on our societal aversion to the “Ickyness” (to borrow a phrase from Skatje) of sexual contact with animals to make the point that sex can be dangerous.

Obviously the ads would never fly here. The modern fundamentalist religion movement has forcibly dragged the societal acceptance of rational discourse about sex and sexuality far enough into the closet to prevent the ads from ever seeing the light of day on billboards and bus stops. Visual depictions of sexuality on this level are verboten in public due to the appeasement by both our society in general and our government in particular of the medieval false-prudery of a group of people with no connection to reality.aids spider

Discussion continues, below the fold.

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Salvador Cordova – Asshole Of The Year

Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-BagsAsshole

(UPDATE: Sal’s insipid response at the end of this post)

Just when you thought Creationists could sink no lower… Just when you thought Salvador Cordova had scraped the very bottom of the barrel… Just when you thought that in space no one could hear you scream…

You are proven wrong.

Sexual relationships between humans and animals come as such a shock to people, but it doesn’t to me. There can be very deep, meaningful relationships between humans and their pets.Skatje Myers (daughter of Darwinist PZ Myers)

I’m refraining commenting on the morality of human-animal sex in this post, but human animal sex just sounds plain icky, ICKY with a capital “I”. Imagine you are the proud parent of a young lady, and then she introduces you to her prospective fiance, the “man” she wants as her husband:

Cordova The Pig’s Pig Picture

Slimy Sal actually quotemined that from the page of seventeen year old Skatje Myers (daughter of the ever awesome PZ Myers whom Sal hasn’t the balls to go after directly). As is par for the course for Slimy Sal, he didn’t bother linking to the original post, knowing that his lazy sychophants (mostly the utterly ignorant housewife known as Ftk) wouldn’t bother to go check out the integrity of his quote. Not that it would have mattered to her, but if she had, she could have read the very first sentences of Skatje’s post:

Allow me to first tell you that I personally do not have an interest in bestiality. I don’t support it being legal because I want to hump animals.

More rant, below the fold.

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