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Happy New Year Everybody

I wish us all peace.

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Who Would Jesus Vote For in ’08? The Republican Edition

A peek above our garters to Kevin at the church for this:

I find it really odd that Christians are Conservative Republicans, when the Republican Party platform is so at odds with the teachings of Jesus. That video ain’t the half of it.

Jesus was a hippy, a flaming liberal. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that he’d be well left of the Democrats. You’re not likely to hear that mentioned much at all in any church I’ve ever been to, though.

I’m going to talk seriously about religion here for a moment so if that bores you it’s time to stop reading, but it bears directly on the political discussion.

(It’s below the fold.)

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Ron Paul. No.

A peek above our garters to Dr. BA who gives us one more example of why Ron Paul has no business being in charge of a secular government like ours:

A person in the White House has the final say on billions of dollars of funding for science, and so should at least have a basic understanding of science, and how it works. Surprise, Ron Paul does not.

Yet one more reason to not vote for Ron Paul (as if you needed any more).

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So yeah, it’s snowing.

But not here in Jacksonville, just on my blog.  Thanks to WP for this little touch that will disappear on January 2.

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i can haz kitteh pr0n!!!

This tickled me:

kitteh pr0n

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Juxtapostion of Headlines

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I’m feeling very unbloggy.

…and I missed another birthday, cuz I’m just sucking up the blogosphere lately.

Mandi’s birthday was November 29th, and she got a tattoo.  Happy belated birthday, Mandi.

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