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August Searches – Progessively Naked Emma Watson and Other Fun Stuff

BloggingSo as usual, the search fun is late this month. There was a huge amount of Emma Watson stuff to sort through and many of the searches were duplicates, and that took quite a while. I could have just deleted them, but as I was sorting I saw a pattern emerging that kinda tickled me.

I withheld comment from most of the Emma Watson stuff, as the progression is sort of funny by itself.

It’s all below the fold.

emma watson
Emma Watson
emma watson naked
Emma Watson naked
“emma watson naked”
Emma Watson, naked
“Emma Watson NAKED”


emma watson nude
“emma watson” nude

emma watson erotic story
emma watson erotica
emma watson literotica

Naked photos of Harry Potters Emma Watson
emma watson erotic photos
emma watson naked photos

emma watson sex video with no instaling
Video sex av Emma Watson
emma watson peeing
emma watson wearing a thong
emma watson hot
erotic emma watson
emma watson forecasted events 2007/2008
– What, has she got her own weather channel now?
emma watson’s midriff
emma watson thong
emma watson revealing
emma watson shaven
emma watson naughty
pictures of Emma Watson naked
Emma Watson in underwear
emma watson with manicure
emma watson naked belly
emma watson sex goddess

emma watson whore – Well now you’re just being rude.

emma watson/ Hermione stripping
emma watson (hermione) naked

hermione naked
Hermione naked
Hermione NAKED
Hermione sex
hermione erotic

daniel radcliffe naked
daniel radcliffe kissing emma watson pic
Daniel Emma Kissing Radcliffe Watson
literotica.com harry potter hermione erotica

Harry and Malfoy in bedWrong.
I think it’s wonderful that Daniel is
– Me too.
draco t-shirt itchy – Dragon scales will do that. Try cotton.

sex 9x – Impressive.
the pain hurts+broken hearts – Country music fan?
u dream of janie – Found me.
internet censorship august 2007 – See here and here, for starters.
erotic”volly sex” – Now that sounds like fun.
lilith – My kinda girl.
headache behind the eye – It’s an aneurysm. You’re too late.
janie naked – As often as possible.
erotic feeling – You have to look that up? See me after class.
NAP erotic contest – They got one o those??? I am so there.
thanks for all good things – You’re welcome.
Dr. Phil PlaitLink Love
syliva browne transvestite – I’m so not even going there.
videos priceless naked – I’ll have to see if I can arrange that with Wes and the gang.
naked women with breasts – …as opposed to…..?
sexual photos blog – Hello? It’s the interweb.
Milla Jovovich – Hottie.
naked fundies – Cross that with LOLCats, and I think you’re on to something.
gladasil vaccine – I am one less. So is Kaylaface.
oh the sweet distraction – …of chocolate wrestling.
mature .wordpress.com bear video – Old bears fetish? There’s such a thing?
+61 emails address for the farmer’s only – WTF? Award winner (tie).
crowded headLink Love
When U Dream a Dream – I Hope U Dream It of Me
rev big dumb chimpLink Love
old ladies erotic – Octogenarians can be sexy too.
how to be freaky with your boyfriend? – Ok, if you’re that far behind, we have to try tutoring. See me after class with the “erotic feeling” guy.
breasts blonde – I don’t think they come in blonde.
blonde breasts – Apparently I was wrong.
lonelygirl15 naked – Lonleygirl was a hoax. Fictional girls cannot be naked. …oh wait.
ewww literotica – ewww sexually frustrated people that don’t like literotica.
really muddy girls having sex – It’s usually better to get a shower in between matches.
erotic housekeeping ny – Try a French maid costume.
CREATIONISM – Illegal to teach in public schools as Science. Mostly because it’s not.
Don McLeroy – Tragedy in Texas.
old freaky ladies – My kind o’ grandmas.
bar closes clock – and scissors cut paper.
sexual erotic nasty poetry – I hear there’s a contest, see the guy above.
erotic shower curtains – I don’t think you’ll find them at Walmart, that’s for sure.
kissing in the rain – Everybody should do it.
erotic space travelerSHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION.
priceless sports naked oops – Well yes, if you’re playing sports and you find yourself naked, that would be an oops.
is having sex in a thunderstorm erotic? – Yes. Duh.
carnival sex photos – Midgets with the elephants?
phelps AND moving wall – WTF? runner up.
“sexual polygamy” – The term you’re looking for is polyamory.
abstinence only or safe sex education – Depends on whether you want it to be useful.
janie porshe – nah, I’m a Jag kinda girl. Late ’60s, convertible.
jacksonville kinky – You must be referring to a different Jacksonville. Try Florida.
fucking heart – Failed anatomy, didn’t ya?
my aunt literotica – It’s in her dresser drawer, under her thongs.
kisiing her breasts – County speliing champion?
peeping in to window – Y’know Max has a funny story about Spiderman.
rain+sex – Double wet.
equality poem about religion – I find the two mutually exclusive.
nothing but naked emma watson – Now here’s someone who knows what they want.
girl teeth comic – You might try that TV show, “Who wants to be a superhero”
alien fucking girlThe Transgendered Purple Octopi are great lovers.
kate strippin – Sorry, that video is personal, though I’d share if I could.
meta tripoli greens – WTF? Award winner (tie).
coffee art – Throw a “naked” in there, and it sounds like fun!
photography- bisexual – People who use both fingers to push the button?
what rifle do the marines call a “kate” – The sexy one. Duh.
coffee whore – For just a cup o’ joe? You got her number?
Trouble Girl – Just to piss off one – Sounds like you’re the Trouble.
sexy maxLink Love.
purple octopus video – Sorry, only stills.
Old ladies shower – So they don’t smell funny.
i’m going to sleep art – Ok, but my name’s not Art.
girl to piss – News at 11!
“scarlett harlot” level 20 in the game – Now that sounds like a fun video game.
gallery OR pic OR thumb OR thumbnail nud – I like mine with a little polish.
crop sex video – Why? You only want the good parts?
kristine cheating – It’s not cheating if she has permission.
molly photographyLink Love.
let it be naked wallpaper – Just the way I like my wall coverings.
astronomy erotic – You mean like naked pictures of Dr. Plait? They got those!

From whence came the art:

That image is one I snagged off Photocasket a while back, and they give no artist, but are specially designed for hot-linking, so I’m assuming it’s OK to use it. If it belongs to you, please contact me so I can give you a link and proper credit.

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

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WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Order of the Science Scouts

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