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A Year Of Dreams

Collier’s LilithI’ve thought about several different ways to celebrate the first anniversary of the birth of this blog. I thought about a retrospective, a party, maybe some long eloquent post about what UDoJ has meant to me and what I hope it means to you.

All of that seemed trite and overdone for me. I just don’t think it would do this blog justice. I’ve spent the last few weeks beating my head against a brick wall, trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

In the end, the truth is that UDoJ isn’t what it is because of me, it is what it is because of you, Dreamers. And I think you all should have had the opportunity to speak your mind about UDoJ.

To that end, I’m going to make this an open thread and just get out of the way. Have at it.

Let me also encourage you to find my email address in the right side bar and use it to send your thoughts. I’ll publish them in the form of a post, if you want. Tell us what you liked best, what you liked least, what your favorite moments were thus far, or just why you bother to read this little blog.

Don’t feel rushed, I didn’t really give y’all any warning. I’m a procrastinator, remember?

Kisses to you all, with many more to come.

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23 Responses

  1. JanieBelle says:

    P.S. If nobody says anything, I’m going to cry.

    Just so y’know.

  2. The dreams produced during the writing of your birthday story remain among my favorite dreams!

  3. Of course the dreams produced by your joint story with Kate about buzzes and itches …. those are right up there!

  4. JanieBelle says:

    Mine too! The birthday story was awesome. Much fun, and veeeerrrryyyyy hot.

    In fact, I think I need a moment alone here….



  5. Musicguy says:

    Congrats! Here’s to many more years. I read because your posts are level-headed, irreverant, thoughtful, intelligent, well-written, hilarious, and thought-provoking just to name a few. You call it as you see it, without suger-coating or worrying about what the stupid people might think. Keep it up. The world needs more people like you (especially in politics)!

  6. JanieBelle says:

    Hi MusicGuy!

    Thank you so much for reading all this time.

    I’m considering a run for the White House, but there are a few Constitutional road blocks that I don’t think I’ll be able to overcome.

    One hinges on my age (which I suppose I could change with a few keystrokes), but the other is the gray issue of my American birth and citizenship.

    I’ve formed a committee to study the issue, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on that.



  7. Martyne says:

    Congrats on your 1st birthday. For someone so young you write amazingly well. I will trawl through your archive when I have more time, but I am currently trying to deal with a sexuality crisis.

  8. nate says:

    My favorite moment so far was one of your naughtiest: the day you basically told wordpress to go fuck themselves and their facist friends… lol.

    So, has kate already handled the birthday spankin’?

  9. JanieBelle says:

    Thanks Martyne! As for your crisis, I hope you can work it out to your satisfaction.

    Kisses for your resolution!


    Y’know, sometimes I look back at a rant and hang my head in shame, but sometimes they are a thing of beauty.

    And Kate has indeed been repeatedly taking care of the spanking. I keep telling her she’s not doing it right, so she has to start over.


    Kisses to you and Di!

  10. JanieBelle says:

    Hmm… just to back up a bit to Martyne’s comment, let me say I read voraciously (pretty much anytime my hands aren’t busy on the keyboard or occupied by Kate).

    I’ve a love of literature that draws me toward teaching or writing. Language is my passion. Your comment on my writing ability is the highest of compliments for me.

    Thank you.

    Extra special kisses to you for that, with lots of tongue


  11. I think my favorite thing about the past year has been learning how to interact in a reasonable way with a fictional young woman who has a very real presence!

  12. JanieBelle says:

    Well, if you figure that out, Elizabeth, please be sure to let me know.

    Kate can be a real conundrum sometimes…



  13. Martyne says:

    JanieBelle, you have touched a chord in me. I hope that is a word (chord) that you use in North America. We share a common language but we do have different ways of using it. I love the way you express yourself. I’m a bit prudish but I would never judge you by what you say. You have an eloquence I find very attractive. I may have to scratch Kates eyes out, over your butt, given my new found sexuality, but that is life.

  14. Martyne says:

    We had an advert a few years ago where two siblings on a school bus were talking to each other. The older girl asked her sister if she preferred Daddy or chips (fries). Dilemma or what? Isn’t life full of these questions?

  15. JanieBelle says:

    My Dear Martyne,

    We apparently use striking a “chord” in the same way, so we’re all good on that. As we’ve been to London, we’re familiar with “chips” as well.

    I’m very interested in following your exploration of your newfound sexuality. I hope you’ll be comfortable with sharing, but if not that’s OK too.

    And it would be completely unnecessary for you to compete with Kate for my affection.

    Polyamory is not a dirty word.


  16. Martyne says:

    Forgot to mention about the tongue thing. Now my sexuality is a bit ambiguous I find your advances a bit of a turn on. Hope Kate is’nt jealous. No harm intended. My main intent is to get dirty with Katie from The Apprentice. She aint no looker, but god she’s sexy as f*ck.

  17. Martyne says:

    Polyamory is a new word to me. Even my Collins English Dictionary did not have that one. But Wikipedia (god these guys are brilliant) saved the day. Would it be alright if Kate had you on a day-to-day kind of rota and I had you on week-ends when she’s got other things going on, sort of basis.

  18. Martyne says:

    This is my last post before I retire. For the night that is. I’m not that old. Am quite happy to discuss my sexuality with you JanieBelle. Just a bit shocked where it is going at the moment but I will get a grip on it. Kate sounds lovely and you suck as many cherries from her navel as you want. No problem. For me I have my sights set on Katie. There are simply not enough words in the english language to describe the dirty things I would do with her lithe body if I got a chance.

  19. JanieBelle says:

    Good night, Martyne. Enjoy the experience, I look forward to reading about it.

    Dream A Little Dream of Me.

  20. JanieBelle says:

    And Kate says you are more than welcome to me on the weekends.

    No prob.


  21. Martyne says:

    Talking of age, which I was earlier, it has just struck me that I am twice as old as you. Although I am new to this blog thing I started writing letters to Radio Times about two years ago. Hope the age gap isn’t a problem.
    Love and Kisses

  22. JanieBelle says:

    Of course that is no concern! And uh… I do believe it is now officially the weekend…

    Just so y’know.


  23. Martyne says:

    Glad you are cool with the age difference. Might be getting a bit dotty (British slang for getting a bit past it, but you probably know that anyway) in my old (relatively) age but was your reference to the weekend related to what you said in your last comment? Kate does seem to be a very accommodating lady.
    Love and Kisses as always

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

    It's making me excited again."

Awards and Nominations

WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Order of the Science Scouts

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