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The Lilith Quotient, Part The Fifth

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From watching many years pass, I’ve learned that it’s only in retrospect that we really understand the significance of events in our lives. I often look back now and view my life as a series of books and chapters. The first chapter of the first book of my life encompasses all of the years before I met Kate. Then there’s the brief chapter before our wedding, and the chapter after our wedding, the latter being mostly about fighting a rear-guard action against what would eventually become our arch nemesis, the plague that is the Pax.

The second book begins the day I walked out of the rejuvenation clinic for the first time. It was very much a new beginning. I had never been more than 18 on the inside, but by the time of the denouement of the first book, even I had begun to notice that the body was not keeping pace with the spirit, and even the spirit was slowing down. When I walked out of the clinic, I was reborn in both body and spirit. The second book of my life is filled with chapters of wonder and amazement, eventually flitting through space with Kate and later Kristine as well, adventures in exploration, daring escapades of defiance of the Pax. We saw ourselves as the pirates and raiders of the blackness between the stars, the Robin Hoods of Vacuum.

Though I may have had an inkling at the time, it’s only looking back now that I fully understand that this evening at Matt’s secret hideaway was the beginning of the third book. This massage was the opening line of chapter one.

After an hour or so I was feeling completely relaxed and at ease in my comfortable oblivion. The hands of Kristine and Matt on my body were the harmonies of a lullaby, and added to the three reddish orange drinks I’d finished and whatever Matt was spiking them with, I was as calm as the Dalai Lama on holiday.

Matt was again astride my thighs, and was leaning forward to rub the backs of my arms, which were stretched out in front of me above my head and resting on padded appendages to the table. I was entranced with the rhythm of his slowly breathing chest against my back, the weight of his body pressing down on me like a form fitted quilt, warm and soothing.

Further back, a long lost friend was knocking at the door requesting admittance. Never one to be rude, I pushed my hips upwards and granted him entrance.

Kristine had moved to the place between my arms, and turned my head to the side to kiss me. I shifted a bit to one side, so I could stroke her back, and ran my fingers lightly down her dress from her neck to her perfectly round bottom.

Matt was covering my neck with his kisses, while my mouth was filled with Kristine’s exploring tongue and my hand full of her ass cheek, but it was the sensation of Matt’s cock slowly filling me from behind that encompassed my mind. It had been so very long.

He took his time penetrating me, seemingly fully aware of how unused to the feeling I had become, and completely oblivious to how dearly I needed him to just bury himself in me. His gentleness was simultaneously kind and torturous. I pushed back into him, raising my hips further to indicate to him what I wanted, but instead of complying he backed away and rose to his knees, effectively keeping his depth unchanged.

Kristine also rose up, and leaned in to kiss him, bringing her belly within centimeters of my face. Her arousal mixed with the perfume I loved so much, and the familiar combination of the two scents was tweaking my lust. She was close enough now that I could slide my hand down under her dress, and reaching up under it, I began to stroke the inside of her thigh from behind. Her skin is always so smooth and warm, and as my thumb grazed her under lips, I found that she too was more than a little damp with anticipation.

She had one hand occupied with Matt, and used the other to move the front of her dress out of the way and she began to assist me in moving my hand to where she wanted it. I offered a little resistance, since I didn’t want to be the only one being teased. When she started to pull her hand away, I caught it and moved it to where mine had been. It didn’t take a more than a few seconds for her to be thoroughly lubricated, and I brought her hand down further and guided her first finger inside.

Matt’s hips were finally fully against me, and just as slowly as he entered me, he began his first withdrawal. The gradual emptying of my body created a feeling of suction that had its own pleasurable sensation, oddly as intense as the filling. Matt withdrew almost completely before he again reversed his direction, this time with a little more speed, a little more insistence, a little tighter grip on my hips. As he began to acquire a rhythm, the repeated filling and emptying of me sent matching waves of tingles up my spine and down my thighs. One of my fingers followed Kristine’s, and I could both feel and hear the sudden gasp from her as her body first tensed and then immediately relaxed and pushed downward against our hands.

I wanted badly to have her on my mouth, but it just wasn’t possible from where I was, and I was too wrapped up in being fucked by Matt to want to move. His drumbeat had quickened, and I was beginning to worry in the back of my mind that it would be over too soon when he quite suddenly pulled completely out of me and left me gasping and wanting. I was still in a state of surprise when he roughly flopped me on to my back. I wound up a bit askew, and my head was no longer supported by the doughnut shaped table limb, but dangled backwards a bit over the edge, with my hair brushing the floor. Kristine wasted no time pulling my finger from inside her and stepping one leg over me like she was mounting her old horse, Harley. She dropped herself down hard on my mouth, propped my knees up behind her elbows and buried her face in me just as forcefully.

Matt appeared at my head, and I used both hands to display Kristine’s inner treasures to him as my lips and tongue worked feverishly on her. His face broke into a wide grin as his eyes found mine ever so briefly. He needed no further encouragement, and entered her from his standing position. He was not nearly as gentle as he had been with me, but instead drove deeply and powerfully into her right away. The view from my position and the vibration of Kristine’s groan on my pubic bone was enough to send me into my first throws of orgasm.

Kristine lasted a while longer, and I was nearly drowning in her pouring wetness moments later when Matt suddenly pushed Kristine roughly forward freeing my mouth for his next target. He leaned forward onto Kristine and grabbed the table edges and took his last few thrusts deep into my throat, filling my entire passageway with flavors of me, Kristine, and finally himself. His eruption was more than I could contain all at once, and some of the injected fluid spilled out and ran down the side of my face like warm lava escaping the rim of the volcano.

I still wanted more of Matt, but it would have to do for a while. I was glad he hadn’t left Kristine unfucked. She had certainly been giving more attention than she had been receiving lately, and she surely deserved to partake of a little pleasure of her own.

It took several minutes for our three sweaty bodies to begin to slowly untangle their slippery selves, and when Kristine eventually dismounted the table I was glad for the ability to breathe freely again, but instantly missed the warmth of her body that had been covering me, protecting me from the slight chill of the evening air blowing in from the windows.

As I rose from the table, I watched Kristine strip off her dress, drop it unceremoniously on the floor beside her shoes, and follow Matt to the waterfall which would serve as a shower. Matt muttered something to the computer, and the living canopy above my head began to release the gentlest of warm rain showers. I was in love with this room, with its jungle ambiance, with its design of comfort and seduction.

I used my finger to collect the last of Matt from my cheek, sucking him from my finger as I padded over to join them. Each of us took a few turns under the waterfall being the recipient of the bathing attentions of the others. Before too long I felt myself becoming extremely sleepy, and stepped out to dry off and head for the sitting area. I was stretched out and just beginning to doze off when Matt knelt beside me, smiling slightly, and began to stroke my tangled, unbrushed hair.

“You didn’t have to drug me to fuck me y’know.”

“I know. That’s not the reason. Get some rest.”

I don’t recall if I even asked him the obvious next question.

It was late evening again when I woke up. I was covered by a light blanket, and at once noticed the soft caress of a silk chemise against my skin. Kristine was attired in a flowered chemise of her own, curled up on a couch across from me reading a book. Not an electronic pad, but a real dead-tree kind of book. My stirring brought her eyes above her reading glasses. She wore them more of habit than necessity, and I always liked the way they accented her face. Though her eyes were red and swollen as if she’d been crying, she smiled and raised a suggestive eyebrow at me, at the same time lifting the book so I could read the cover. In ornate gilded script on a plain black background was one word: Justine.

I’d always wanted my own copy, but had never managed to acquire one. She knew I’d be jealous. Bitch. Good thing I like her. But what about Justine had moved her to tears? She had read it many times before, and it had never elicited such an emotional reaction from her.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.” Matt’s voice wafted over from somewhere beyond my current view. I was still feeling all warm and fuzzy, and didn’t care to move to look at him. “I was afraid I’d have to carry you out of here soon.”

“What’s the rush?” I sleepily purred. I was definitely still in the comfort zone, and didn’t relish the idea of moving.

When he didn’t answer, I grudgingly fidgeted myself into a sitting position to where I could see him. He was sitting on one of the larger couches, leaning forward with his chin propped in both hands. Beside him was a woman with a face that was ringing a bell somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind. She was dressed in the black robe and habit of a nun of the Pax, and though I knew I should be alarmed, I just couldn’t muster the energy.

Having just brought the nun a glass of water, another woman stood before them, still bent at the waist and holding a tray. She was covered from head to toe by a burqa, and even though her head was turned toward me, her eyes were hidden behind a black mesh. None of them moved, and I had the distinct impression that all four of them were afraid to breathe.

“This is my wife Amanda.” I looked again at the serving girl, but it was the nun whose hand he took.

“Nuns can’t marry.” I was still in a haze of comfort and rest, and that’s all my brain could articulate.

“What the Pax doesn’t know won’t hurt me, Janie. Besides, you might say I just resigned.”

It was her voice. I knew that voice, but it was from so long ago. It couldn’t possibly be her. But the smile in her eyes suddenly told me just how wrong I was.

“Mandi?” My jaw dropped. I couldn’t even say how long it had been since I’d seen her, and thought for sure she’d been a victim of the purges. I started to get up, but found myself unable to manage the dexterity.

“Stay where you’re at, Janie. You need to be sitting down for this. It’s why I slipped you the Mickey. Amanda has been keeping an eye on Tardicus for quite some time, and she’s brought you a present.”

Kristine came and sat beside me, one arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders, the other holding my hand. Matt’s eyes turned to the serving girl.

The Lilith Quotient, all chapters

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The Lilith Quotient by JanieBelle McKnight is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial- No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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3 Responses

  1. […] His large, strong hands made contact with with my ass, and they were well lubricated. I instantly wanted to open my legs for him, but his knees prevented me. Slowly, he pushed his hands down and forward up my back. About that time, I felt Kristine begin to work on my feet.

    I slipped the straw between my lips, closed my eyes, and melted into my massage.[…]

  2. Mister DNA says:

    Great stuff, Janie. Have you ever read any Alfred Jarry? His most famous works are the Ubu Roi plays, but his lesser-known works such as Messalina would probably be right up your… um, alley.

  3. JanieBelle says:

    Hmmm.. no, I hadn’t. Thanks for bringing him to my attention, though.

    (I have however, read some of the works of the obliquely referenced Marquis de Sade, to include Justine.)

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

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WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Order of the Science Scouts

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The Lilith Quotient

Creative Commons License

The Lilith Quotient by JanieBelle McKnight is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial- No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Attribution should be made to JanieBelle McKnight, and contain a link to this blog.


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