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January Searches – Obsessions

Thanks again to Matt, from Pooflingers Anonymous, for this great monthly tradition.

This month there were a bunch of search strings that came up over and over. Lots of obsessing about virginity, Ruthie’s pregnancy, Nifong, Literotica and others. In the end I paired most of the similar search strings to one or two, just to save myself some work, and I just ditched most of the boring ones.

I passed out quite a little bit of link love this month, and I’m happy to do it.

Again, I apologize for the tardiness, enjoy the Tardiness.


nifong blogs – Big Weenie would probably just keep hammering on one post, Javisonesque

story of my mistresses demands – do tell

Mother And Daughter Lesbos Bathing Together – Perv. This one comes up a lot.

incest chldrn pic – sicko. I’m calling the cops.

what is global weirdingHere’s a clue.

vibrator and virginity – if you’re old enough to buy the former, it’s time to ditch the latter


“are viruses alive” & “cell growth” – Ask Aunt Tara.

\”after the bar\” literotica – Sorry. Wes doesn’t allow sockpuppets to post.

nifong future – none.

Calandars 2007here’s a good one. Two in fact. They’re on my Birthday List (hint hint)

gutter slang – sometimes.

italy-rome(wishing pond) – Don’t know about Rome, but there’s a lovely one in London.

am i still a virgin if i used a vibrator – Get laid, remove all doubt.

firefox check for \”new version of page\ – Read the instructions. Then set it to ONE.

literotica – check the sidebar.

PRICELESS VIDEOSI did one of those.

SAT and intelligence – Ask DaveTard. It’s good for a laugh.

removed from literotica audio – They got sound over there now? I am sooooo there.

Nifong Idiot – Yes. Bush Idiot, too.

eliza dushku mechanical bull – A person after my own heart. That scene soaks my thong.

trolly bar – What a great idea to cut down on drinking and driving. We need one of those.

inconvenient truth 40,000 copies– 50,000 and still all rejected.

houston baker IS AN IDIOT – You ought to meet the butcher.

literotica +groupies – HERE!

am i a idiot – Yes, you are a idiot. A illiterate idiot at that.

mary\’s mammaries – They have been rather dessicated for quite some time.

mother and daughter lesbos – I told ya’ this one comes up a lot.

name my marines rifle – Snookems. How’s that?

joel borofsky stop lying to us – Yeah, we all wish he would, but don’t hold your breath.

\”the perv\” – Only a problem if you’re a troll.

Carbon dioxide levels are almost 30 percent – If they were, you’d be dead. More like 0.04%

bathing togetherMuch fun.

tricia helfer nekkid – February Playboy.

janie banned – Yep, by William A. Dembski himself.

Something you didn\’t know about me – Is this one of those quiz things?

strappy heels myspace – Hey! They’re in my space, too! Mostly in the closet and under the bed.

literotica peak – Well, here’s a peek. Close enough?

AtBCAfter the Bar Closes, I have my own thread there.

ticklish aunt – Yeah, but if you do, she’ll break your arm.

youngest city in america – Jacksonville, NC

davescotGoogle fight.

Ann Coulter quote homosex – Gods only know what that freak may have eructated.

literature of courtesanHere’s some.

atbc afdave – Masochist.

\”just keep it clean if you know\” – Prude.

Pastor Becky Fischer’s Kids On Fire camp – Child Abuse, if you ask me.

rollerblades that the dog whisperer wore – They’re his, and he isn’t giving them up.

roflmao smiley

Affinity Symbol – Big “A” logo on the sidebar under “Various Links”.

\”went to england\” – Twice.

*helfer **playboy*– Yes, Helfer does Hefner.

sexy calandars – Again, here are two great ones.

“John A. Davison” – We call him Dohn A. Javison, because he does it to everybody else.

eratosthenes measures earth well Syrene – He got an A in geometry.

itch lips – Well, the salt was supposed to go in the belly button, doofus.

“Mrs. Branch” robynLink Love go vote for her!

through the looking glass and down the rabbit’s hole – Leave the rabbit’s hole alone, freak.

udoj janie – Found me.

blogger server issues – Big surprise.

web sites that i have been to about polar bears – It’s called your history, and it’s in your toolbar.

you tube end of ze world – Funny stuff.

“Reed Cartwright”Link Love for a fellow NC blogger.

a web site that has the sentence 2005 – Bet you didn’t get too many hits on that, did ya’? /snark

funny impersonator criterias – Criteria is already plural. Drop the s.

ruthie pregnant – Very.

sexual optical illusions – What? It looks like your wife is boffing that guy, but she’s not really? You didn’t buy that, did you?

ITALIAN DEGO BLOG – You’re not a very nice person.

you dream of janie – No, I dream of Kate. YOU dream of Janie.

Birthday Video [idea from mastercard’s a – Please don’t tell me your next two letters were both s.

the lover not taken poem – It was a road. Does nobody freakin’ read any more?

is ruthie pregnant – I told you, yes.

painting rebecca at the well – There are lots of them, but I’ve got a nice photo of that.

prude poem – How boring would THAT be?

big head of a clown optical illusion – Leave the clown alone. His head is perfect.

“tara smith” – Link Love for Aunt Tara

panda’s videoclip – If it’s his, leave it alone.

splenda causes me to itch – Oh, now I see. You still should have put it in the belly button.

john davison tourettes – That would explain a lot.

jesus ring pledgeDropping that Silver Ring in the woods aboard Camp Lejeune was the best thing I ever did. Now it hangs on a chain around Kate’s neck.

snuck up to me – Then watch your back next time.

david springer stratford – On Avon? The Bard would have made mincemeat of him.

gildodgenI have a special place in his heart.

silver ring 13 religion – Yeah, they’re fucking them up when they’re young. So hard to de-program that way.

all my uncles and aunts have alzheimers – I think mine do too, but I forget.

please don’t read this! – Ok, I won’t. But in return, don’t read this.

morphodykeI’m so proud of that. 🙂

sylvia brownStop her.

nifong sucks – Agreed.

am i a virgin in biblical times – No, but you’re a virgin in modern times. Pity.

“ed brayton”Link Love for the Edmeister.

am i a virgin if – If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

ruthie pregnant – Sounds like all Ruthie’s ex-boyfriends are hearing the news and might be a little worried.

justin williams hockey august 12 pennsylvania – No, he plays for the ‘Canes now.

am i a virgin penetration – Jesus H. Christ, stop obsessing about it!

dicknose – One of my favorite insults.

Terminal Leave re-enlisting – Don’t do it.

how to be monogomous – Why?

flow meter CF005 – I don’t even want to know what kind of flow that measures that brought you here.

“suck the marrow out of life” thoreau – Live long and prosper. – Spock.

laurie david statement association scienceRead it here.

cheating as a biological imperative – I doubt it, but Polyamory might be.

line summary “to the virgins to make much of time” – Summary – Get laid.

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

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WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

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