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General Housekeeping And Thank Yous

Just a quickie to point out some changes and stuff around here you may or may not have noticed.  A peek above our garters to all the folks mentioned below.

We’ve recently added a few blogs to our blogroll.  Lab Cat is now in our Rollcall of Science Chicks section.  Cat is a food chemist, and she blogs about food, life, knitting, and music, all pulled together in purpley prose.

In our general blogroll, we’ve added Deacon Barry, ΛUSTIN ΛTHEIST ΛNØNYMØUS, Just Another Sad Song (My niece KaylaFace’s new WP blog), Sex In The Public Square (Elizabeth Wood’s eloquent blog discussing sexual issues and public policies and attitudes) with new contributor Tom Joaquin whose blog The Free Lance has also been added, and YoYo-Dyne Propulsion Labs.  Great blogs, all.

Down in the Various Links section you’ll note the new link via the graphic of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. To quote a dear friend of ours,

“NCSF is a very cool organization. They write amicus briefs in important cases to do with kink or porn etc. You’ll like them. 😉 “

True that.

Let me also take a moment to thank those bloggers who’ve recently added UDoJ to their own blogrolls, most of whom are listed above.

Additionally, I’m rather proud to announce that we’ve been added to the blogroll of another one of our favorite bloggers.   Rebecca at Skepchick has also honored us with a place in her sidebar, and we send out a very big special kiss and a peek above our garters to her as well.

Take a moment to visit each of these fine blogs, and be sure to poke your head in at the NCSF, too!

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Finally! A Little Relief For JanieBelle

Lovely Andale finally has mercy, and Molly and Kate take pity on helpless and captive yours truly.

Chapter 14 of A Birthday Feast continues with mint chocolate and butterscotch brandy.


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Inspired By Us

Start your Hump Day with a smirk.

Mark Day (his blog on WordPress is here) comments on the ridiculous new Alabama law prohibiting the sale of dildoes and vibrators.

You’ll hear echoes of the conversation from Sex in the Public Square. Too funny!

Video is below the fold.

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The Lilith Quotient, Part The Fourth

<—Read Part The Third

Being enveloped in Matt’s strong arms was incredibly comforting. It was just where I needed to be, just when I needed to be there. I would have thought it would have taken a pry bar to get me loose from there. I was wrong.

“She’s pretty banged up, Liz. Can you fix her?”

“Jesus H., Matt! I dunno. That looks pretty bad. I’d say she’s ready for the heap.”

I tried to rip free to give this Liz a good talking to. Matt held me tightly captive with one hand pinned behind my back, and clamped his other over my mouth, but in such a way as it would have appeared to anyone else as a gesture of consolation.

“Do what you can, Liz. Let me know if there’s any hope for her. Otherwise sell her to the scrap yard for the best price you can.”

I was nearing a full on panic. We had poured a lot of love and a lot of hours into customizing and improving the systems on the Mirror. She was as much our friend and lover as she was our means of transportation, and I was not about to just let her go to the scrap heap because of a little ding in the bumper. Truthfully, the damage to the Mirror was bad, but not so extensive she couldn’t be fixed, and Matt’s sudden change had thoughts of capture and escape at the forefront of my mind. I saw Matt give the slightest turn of his head toward Kristine, who I couldn’t quite see. I suspected she was about to throttle him.

I tried to keep telling myself that it was impossible. Matt hated the Pax as much as we did. He’d never turn me over to them. But as much as I wanted to trust my gut, the fact was I was his captive and his hostage against any reprisal from an unarmed Kristine.

“Just do as I fucking say for once, Janie. It’ll all be over soon.”

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Surprise, Surprise!

A new voice is heard in Chapter 13 of A Birthday Feast.

Andale, Molly, and Kate gain a bit of accompaniment in their birthday present to me.

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Twixt Her Naked Breasts

You all know it has to be something special to drag my butt out of bed before 8 AM. Sometimes 9.

This morning I faded into consciousness to the soft, silky feel of Kate’s hair, her head resting comfortably between my naked breasts. How lovely. It gave me an idea, though I didn’t dare move for over an hour as I lay there feeling her breath on my skin.

Now that she’s up, I had to run straight to the computer. (OOO. She just brought me coffee. I lover her so!)

Ok, remember back in November when we had that poetry contest? (That contest is still open, BTW. We never got many entries, and none of us ever really voted for a winner.)

The rules were thus:

Write a poem. Here is your ending, adapted from the title of a Robert Heinlein story:

Oh how I long to long,
For the green, green hills of earth.

Have at it, and post your poems here.

We’ll post them all and have a vote, the winner will get a guest post on whatever subject the winner chooses.

Despite the fact that the first contest never really finished, we’re going to open a second one as well. Similar, but different. Both contests will close in a week.

Details below the fold.

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Elizabeth Wood Gets To The Heart

The Folk Devil in the Details (Or, “Lawyers, Guns and Sex Toys”)

In her latest article at Sex In The Public Square, Elizabeth looks at some of the deeper issues brought up by Tom Joaquin’s recent article, When is a vibrator more dangerous than a gun?

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Chapter 12 Involves Chocolate

Chocolate and strawberries, fire and ice.

Add naked Janie and everything’s nice.

On the shore of the sea, Molly, Andale, and Kate,

Chapter twelve’s up, you must not wait!

Chapter thirteen will hold a surprise,

You mustn’t miss that, don’t close your eyes!

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Blipey MacGyver

For the story behind this video, head on over to A Clown in the Middle.

Blipey features some of his many talents just below the fold.

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I’m Shocked.

Tom Vilsack, Legendary Discoverer of the Politics=Money PrincipleNo, really. Recently ex-hopeful for the 2008 Presidential election Tom Vilsack tells CNN that politics is all about the money.

“This process has become to a great extent about money. A lot of money,” Vilsack told reporters in Des Moines, Iowa.

In other news turning the world this lovely Saturday morning, the Sun has risen, the sky is blue, water is wet, and women have secrets.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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