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Olberman On Coulter

Keith Olberman responds to Ann the Man’s insanity.

I couldn’t have said it any better.

“The Conneticut Screech”
“Let’s return to this planet”
“Miss Coulter’s monthly walk on the swaying tightrope of her own emotional stability did not end there.”
“Appearing in Playboy and getting divorced: neither of those being scenarios Ann Coulter is ever going to have to deal with in her life.” (You can hear the crew laughing after that one.)
“And lastly, back to my allusion to the nightmare of having to defend Ann Coulter at a sanity hearing, that was inappropriate… because it was insufficient. Imagine, in fact, defending her on Judgement Day. Or trying to find her soul.”

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49 Responses

  1. LeperColony says:

    The wonder isn’t that there is an Ann Coulter. After all, self-aggrandizing hate mongers have always been with us.

    The wonder is that the people who agree with her think it’s a good idea for her to be on TV.

  2. JanieBelle says:

    My first reaction is that the real wonder is that people with sense allow her on TV.

    Then I realize just how good an idea that is. Let everyone see her in all her glory. No need to explain what a raving loon she is, let her tell everyone herself.

    Every time she opens her yap, I have to believe one more borderline fundy steps back to reality.

    I hope.

  3. Lifewish says:

    If only. You’ve gotta be a lot more extreme than Coulter to get that reaction.

    Actually I just read a couple of good blog posts about this. Very interesting stuff – turns out that there’s actually a decent amount of sociological research done on this.

  4. Lifewish says:

    Janie&Kate: I’m losing track. Are you in London atm? I ask cos I’ll also be in central London tomorrow morning, and I’ve got about 1h30 spare in my hectic schedule if you happen to be free to meet up.

    And then I can tell everyone that yes, you are real 🙂

    Email me if yes.

  5. DaveScot says:

    Ann Coulter is a national treasure. She’s had more than one New York Times #1 best seller including her latest book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism”. It’s hardly amazing that she’s on TV a lot. In case you all haven’t noticed conservatives have been a majority for the past 10 years. Coulter says what many people think but don’t say due to the offensive nature of it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dave said:
    Coulter says what many people think but don’t say due to the offensive nature of it.
    Considering the hatefulness you are capable of spewing about Arabs, this is, apparently, not a problem you suffer from.


  7. blipey says:

    Thank God I now know who to worship (as national treasures):

    Dan Brown, best selling author
    Al Gore, best selling author
    Lynn Truss, best selling author
    Rachel Ray, best selling author

    Who knew the New York Times could be so helpful in telling me what was worth my time–in so few column-inches!

    In case you all haven’t noticed conservatives have been a majority for the past 10 years.

    Which brings us back to my question:

    Are there any criteria at all that would disqualify someone from voting on public education issues?

    Thank God you haven’t abandon us totally, Dave. I was worried about your girlie-man tendancy to avoid questions by being a prick and posting almost exclusively on the no-dissent-allowed forum of UD. Now, just answer the question as a first step in your recovery.

  8. blipey says:

    Oh, if you’re looking for a job, maybe Dembski will let you run undeniablepileofevidence or whatever it’s going to be called.

    And you can finally have that venue where you post all the positive evidence for ID that you’ve so far been keeping secret. That’ll be exciting!

  9. Lifewish says:

    Coulter says what many people think but don’t say due to the offensive nature of it.

    I don’t have a problem with that in and of itself – sometimes you do just need to cut the crap and be offensive to people, and I respect someone who’ll do that when necessary.

    My perception of Coulter, however, has always been that to some extent she says stuff because it’s offensive – she knows she’ll get a reaction both from those who are disgusted by it and (more importantly) from those who look up to her for her willingness to break unspoken rules. It’s like the kid who swears at the teacher and thus buys the eternal admiration of his friends. That’s something I have very little respect for.

  10. DaveScot says:

    No Blipey, I won’t let you suck my dick so stop asking.

  11. DaveScot says:

    “Are there any criteria at all that would disqualify someone from voting on public education issues?”

    Sure. For instance, if you’re under 18 years of age you can’t vote. In some states, if you’ve been convicted of a felony you lose the right to vote.

    Any other stupid questions dumbass?

  12. blipey says:

    Ah good; now we know you CAN talk about the subject. So, let’s have the real answer DaveScot.

    If you recall the setting (which you probably don’t), it was this:

    DaveScot said:

    The serious part is political. The educational system in the U.S. is socialistic. It, like all socialist systems, is run by an elitist minority who are convinced they know what’s best for everyone else. I strongly believe that people should be able to decide for themselves what’s best for them.

    Do you think that this right should be extended to everyone? Are there any criteria that would disqualify a person from being able to make this decision?

    So, in the context of the above, are there any criteria that would disqualify a person from being able to make these educational decisions? You know, even if they were part of the majority?

    Come on, Dave, I know you can do it.

    And, no; I won’t suck your dick. Probably not even if it weren’t stuck in that little airplane bottle of vodka you’ve been humping. (No, people, it ain’t stuck because it’s too big; it’s stuck because he tried to use wood glue as a lube.)

    yeah, well it wasn’t vodka and they call my dick The Jaeger Bomb! you’re outta here. homo. -dtard

  13. blipey says:

    I see you haven’t managed anything on any of those positive evidence threads yet DaveTard. Just here, where you can pop off without saying anything.

    Let me know if you need any glue solvent.

  14. JanieBelle says:

    Allright, boys, I’m on holiday.

    Tone it down a bit, will ya’?

  15. DaveScot says:

    Hi Blipey,

    Don’t you have better things to do than fantasizing about my dick? Isn’t there a clown convention or circus or something a loser like you can participate in to amuse yourself? I realize that you are frustrated with your pathetic lot in life but tagging around behind me like a little yip dog begging for my negative attention won’t help.

  16. blipey says:

    Very defensive about your inability to answer questions, Dave. You should seek some professional help. They say laughter is the best medicine. You couldn’t afford me, but perhaps there are others out there willing to take on a charity case.

    Tagging around behind you? Let’s examine what’s really happened:

    1. DaveScot is invited to present positive evidence for ID on a new blog

    2. DaveScot fails to do so (there’s a surprise)

    3. People (including myself) question him about it

    4. DaveScot decides he doesn’t like it when he can’t censor comments and claims he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore

    5. (This is the only point that is speculative) DaveScot buys a lot of wood glue

    6. Blipey quits asking DaveScot about ID (forgot about that part, right?)

    7. DaveScot breaks his silence by posting a long rant about ID

    8. People (including myself) question him on it

    9. DaveScot, trying to figure out if he can suck his own dick since nobody will do it for him, claims that he isn’t talking about ID–all evidence to the contrary (get it? it’s a joke–the evidence supports you talking about it, but there’s no evidence to support ID. HAHA, you slay you)

    10. DaveScot doesn’t post on UDoJ for a while, at least not about anyhting I find interesting.

    11. Due to #10, I don’t comment to DaveScot.

    12. DaveScot posts In case you all haven’t noticed conservatives have been a majority for the past 10 years. Well, this bears directly on a question I asked earlier about majority rule. I had not brought the subject up until you reintroduced it.

    13. DaveScot doesn’t answer question, claims foul, fucks a vodka bottle.

    Nice that series of unfortunate events ended with number 13, huh?

  17. HarleyD says:

    “In case you all haven’t noticed conservatives have been a majority for the past 10 years.”

    So THAT’S why we’re bankrupt, in debt, being spied on by our ever larger and more powerful government and getting humiliated in Iraq, Lebanon and everywhere else in the world!

  18. DaveScot says:


    I don’t answer your questions because you’re a stupid clown. Literally. I’d call you a bozo but that would giving you credit that isn’t due since Bozo was a famous successful clown and you’re and insignificant failure.

    I did learn one thing from you though. I learned who put the ass in Alaska. It was your parents and you’re the ass they put there.

    Have a nice day!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Aw, DaveScot. Still a little huffy? That’s alright, God loves you.

    You do realize that you’re now just posting straight one hundred percent crap? I mean, there’s no content what-so-ever in your posts. No answers, no questions, no humor, nothing. You could save everyone from buying a lot of aspirin by just going away.

    OR, better yet, answer a question and get your content meter on the rise:

    Given that you believe that in a democratic society, the majority should always rule, do you honestly believe that there are no circumstances that would disqualify a member of the majority from making public education decisions?

    See, I rephrased it so that your 4 axons might interact in a different way and actually spit out an answer.

    Glue solvent’s in the mail.

    p.s. Alaska only has one “s” in it

    p.p.s. My mom’s never been to Alaska

    p.p.p.s I’m not in Alaska at the moment

    p.p.p.p.s. As a franchise character, Bozo is still around, presumably still famous, and I think he(they) might be upset at your implication that he(they) are dead (or retired)

    fuck yourself

  20. blipey says:

    Oops. Don’t know why my picture isn’t on that. Obviously, that was me above.

    This does give me an opportunity to ask something else, though.

    You don’t answer my questions, sure. But, what are the reasons you don’t answer the same questions from anyone else either? I guess we’re all in Alaska, huh?

    That’s gonna be a tough claim to hold onto when the total number of people you won’t answer climbs past 650,000. I know you’ll be able to do it anyway, DaveScot. That’s why we like you.

  21. JohnADavison says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. DaveScot says:

    Blipey, do I look like the Shell Answer Man or something? Get a life, creep.

    John A. Davison, no I will not let you suck my dick you ancient fag so please stop asking.

  23. blipey says:

    Don’t know what you look like, DaveScot. Don’t care.

    If you’d like to continue to introduce topics, then I think it only fair that you field questions on them.

    If you’d like me to leave you alone, stop nattering about things you know nothing about, only to run away.

    Pretty simple really.

  24. DaveScot says:


    You’re such a pest. Why don’t you come down to Austin and we can arrange for you to pester me in person. How about it, weak little boy?

  25. blipey says:

    I like Austin. Let’s go. I’m sure you’ll arrange to be on vacation when I come by, but I’m game. I’ll be coming through Texas in the Spring leg of my tour. I’ll take a little time off to pester you.

    Now, how ’bout an answer? No? That’s okay; you’ve got until spring 2007 to work on it.

  26. JanieBelle says:

    Turn my back for one minute, and look what happens.

    Davison, you’re banned. Go away.

  27. JohnADavison says:

    Cowards, the whole miserable lot of you.

    We’re all afraid that we’ll catch whatever is affecting your brain, Javison. That’s why none of us are willing to fulfill your fantasies about us. -jb

  28. JohnADavison says:

    Spravid Dinger

    At 5’4″ and 134 lbs, I could receive your fat bulbous member with one hand in my anus to boot because I’m a two faced lying overweight pile of genetic excrement. I’ll lose 50 pounds or so and hike my sorry flabby ass up in Vermont for your prick. I don’t travel any more.

    “My good friend Professor John Davison who likes chimps” Do you remember that I’m a shit-ofr-brains? I sure do!

    Please lick around my ass to a blister buster. You are thorough, you gorgeous hunk of Marine Corps Meat, and you did it all by yourself!

  29. JohnADavison says:

    And get rid of that cap, I like stockings on the men who fuck me. I am an insult to the human race and to decent people everywhere.

  30. Arden Chatfield says:

    You’re such a pest. Why don’t you come down to Austin and we can arrange for you to pester me in person. How about it, weak little boy?

    Oh yeah, that reminds me, Dave — last spring you said you were going to go up to Vermont and kick Davison’s ass. How’d that go? Who won?

  31. JanieBelle says:

    Dohn Asswipe Javison:

    Go away. Not one of your comments will stand longer than my vacation.

    I don’t go to your blog and bother you or your crazies, have the common decency to stop spraying graffiti all over my blog.

    To everyone else:

    Just so everyone’s aware, Davison’s crap will encounter the Big Green Marker as soon as I’m back Stateside. If it gets to be too much to bear, say so. I’ll just delete it all wholesale from here.

  32. JohnADavison says:

    y’all come repeatedly on my back, ya hear?

  33. DaveScot says:

    Arden, it was an impersonator that said they were going to Vermont to confront Davison. I’m nearly twice the size of Davison and could snap him like a twig. There’s no sport in that especially me being 30 years younger.

    Blipey, give me a jingle when you can make it to Austin. I’m in the book. In the meantime piss off, you imbecilic pesty little queer.

    Davison, die already you old, bitter little man. Nobody wants you. Nobody ever did.

  34. blipey says:


    Awesome, see you next spring. What’s the format gonna be: name-calling or actual facts? If it’s the first, I’ll need to brush up on my vocabulary. If it’s the second, you’ll need to brush up on:

    Even in a democratic society, are there times that the majority is not qualified to make certain decisions? If so, what are the criteria that make this so? If not, what criteria are used that always allow for the majority to make the better decision?

    Yet another rephrasing–just to see if that unfreezes the brain before spring 2007.

  35. JohnADavison says:


    Nobody but me wanted to suck off Mendel either that or take him in my feckless asshole. I’m going to go massage myself until I stain myself thinking about you. I are lucky to be an out patient. I won’t forget to take my blood pressure pills either. I’ll see to it that you will keep on needing me. Trust me I have a semi-tight asshole. With your temperament and family history you will be fortunate to bang me silly you creep. God but you are a gift!

    Be sure to say something sexy over at UD and see what happens, when I play with my peckerhead.

    I love my peepee so!

  36. DaveScot says:


    The format is bitch slapping, stupid. Your role will be the bitch. It’s one I’m sure you’ve rehearsed many times.


    I don’t take blood pressure medication. My blood pressure is fine. The same 120/70 it’s been for as long as I can remember. I quit working behind a desk over 6 years ago. At that time I bought me a chainsaw and a tractor and 7.5 acres of rugged Texas hill country forest bordering beautiful Lake Travis and began clearing it myself. A few years of doing that made me big and strong like bull instead of big and soft like pudding. Unfortunately at my age I’ve discovered that muscles can become much stronger than the cartilage in one’s joints can support. As a result, nowdays just simple things like running my dogs a few miles makes my damn hip hurt or a day with a rock drill and a sledge hammer can make my shoulder ache for weeks. Getting old sucks.

  37. JohnADavison says:

    Shoot it in my asshole. I are of absolutely no value to society whatsoever and never will be.

  38. This post has been removed by the author.

  39. This thread is the best, don’t ever let it die. Dave threatens physical harm to back up his weak arguments? Brilliant.

  40. blipey says:

    Sounds fine, not real convincing, but if that’s what you want to do, I’m game.

    I’ll even let you choose the weapons: guns, swords, hands, wet towels, whatever.

    Seems a little weak to challenge someone not in your weight class to duel….

    But, I felt better about it once I remembered that my superior footspeed and mental acuity would be balanced your blubbery girth. Should be a pick-em.

    Let me know about the weapons.

  41. Anonymous says:

    IO see you are stsill throwmg your flabby weight around at Uncommon Descent by deleting my posts. I called you on it too. Keep it up in my asshole. You are my own wet dream and my greatest supporter because of it. God but you are beautiful!

  42. DaveScot says:

    Thanks for letting me pick the weapons, Blipey.

    Chainsaws of course.

  43. Rich Hughes says:

    See Davetard beat his chest.


    what a bellend!

  44. DaveScot says:

    Hughes, if you have a bellend you better spit it out before the owner gets angry. I looked up “eurotrash” in the dictionary and there was a picture of you there.

  45. Rich Hughes says:

    That’s right big fella, you mash that keyboard!


    Cyberwarriors are just so funny.

    I love your posts Dave, you’re the font of amusement for many. I’ve noticed a recurring ‘gay/homo’ theme in your posts. That and you find Mann Coulter attractive [she’s got an adam’s apple for goodness sakes]. Dave, sexuality is a continuum, and if you drop anchor in poop bay, that’s okay. Don’t project rage / shame in your posts. We’re all the designer’s children and all deserve respect.

    Your freind,


  46. DaveScot says:


    That last comment of yours was the gayest thing I’ve read in a long time. Please move your focus in this area to someone else. I’m constantly hit on by persons of both sexes so I’m accustomed to advances such as yours, and I’m flattered by it, but please, it’s not welcome and it’s starting to creep me out. Thanks in advance for halting the online flirtation.

  47. Rich Hughes says:

    Another ‘gay’ post, Dave. What would Carl Jung say, I wonder? I’m pleased that hermaphrodites find you attractive, Dave. There’s something to be said for catering to a niche market, eh?

    I think your sexual quandary is the source of your violent tendencies. To be honest with yourself would be to be at peace with yourself. I’m here if you need to talk.

    Your Friend,

  48. Shane says:

    Gooooodness, look at the discussions this one brought about! Whether you love her (which I don’t) or hate her (I just dislike her very much), you have to admit this is funny stuff. Wait…maybe I love to hate her…hmmmm.

  49. JanieBelle says:

    She makes it easy, Shane.

    vvvveeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy easy.

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

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WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

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