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The First Science Friday Comes Early

Ok, so once again I’m going to break my very own, brand new rule….

Well it’s not really a rule anyway, more of a guideline…

Kate’s home and had to fiddle with the cables again. Whilst doing that, she came across this guy. He’s like 3 or 4 inches from leg tip to leg tip.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a spider like this.

Our Spider Friend
Our Spider Friend

Anyone know what kind of critter he is?

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26 Responses

  1. JanieBelle says:

    C’MON! We can’t keep our internet connected long enough to look it up!

    Help us out here!

  2. JanieBelle says:

    Ok, the best guess we could come up with was from What’s That Bug. We think this guy is a Dolomedes Fishing Spider.

    You’ll find a couple of pictures of Dolomedes on this page at WTB.

    Think we’re close?

  3. JanieBelle says:

    OOO. Maybe a Nursery Web Spider. Same family different genus. Same page, different picture.

    Neat how that worked out, huh?

  4. Alan Fox says:

    I don’t see any images at all, not even avatars, from your blog at the moment. Don’t know if anyone else has the same problem. It would explain why no-one can identify your spider.

  5. JanieBelle says:

    Anyone else having that problem? There should be two fairly large pictures of the spider on a brick wall just below the fold.

    Alan, make sure your javascript is turned on. I know the script that runs the avs is javascript, and Dave couldn’t see that at first because he had it turned off.

    Other than that, Janie will probably have to address the images issue.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I can see them. No idea what kind of spider it is though.

  7. JanieBelle says:

    Hi guthrie!

    Thanks for the feedback.


    Sleepyhead says you’re in France, and since we’ve only had one visitor from France, I’m going to assume that was you.

    Your javascript seems to be on, so that’s probably not the issue. Are you seeing the long list of recent comments on the sidebar? That’s also javascript, so if you’re not, then perhaps you need to adjust a setting there.

    I see you’re using FF. The Fox rules, but Janie isn’t used to it yet. I have no idea how she keeps up with all those windows. I’m weaning her off IE, but old habits die hard. Just to be sure, I just looked at the blog in FireFox, and I don’t seem to have any problems. Is there a security setting that needs to be adjusted? Maybe we need to make it onto a whitelist in your browser somewhere.

    Despite her modesty, Janie’s really the ‘puter goddess in this house, so when she’s a little more awake, I’ll be sure she looks into it.


  8. Alan Fox says:

    Hi Kate

    My Broadband connection is down at the moment and I’m on dial-up. I see Blipey’s clown, Dave’s hat (I think he should let go) and the comments, but just the border of Lilith, and no Janie’s legs.

    What’s Javascript? (no, don’t answer, I’ll Google.) I think I have medium security selected, Windows XP firewall and AVG antivirus.

    BTW, as an inveterate sceptic, I can never see the Emperor’s new clothes, so it’s impossible to quell that tiny suspicion. I won’t mention the matter again.

  9. JanieBelle says:

    Hi Alan!

    I’ve been playing with FireFox a little bit here. It’s actually pretty cool. I’m getting into the tab thing.

    At the top of your browser go to tools, select options, click on the content tab, and see if the little check box is checked where it says “load images” and there’s one more below it that says “from the originating website only”. Uncheck the “originating website only” box if it’s checked.

    Really, it seems like that’s not your issue, though, because Dave’s pic is at UD and blipey’s is at his site, which means they shouldn’t load if that’s checked, near as I can tell.

    My av is actually stored here at blogger, as are the spider pics, the pics of my legs, and the Lejeune pics. It sure seems like something you’re running is blocking pics from blogger specifically. Maybe your antiVirus program?

    I’ll keep fooling around with Kate…um…I mean Firefox, and see if I can come up with anything else.


  10. blipey says:

    Actually, the version of my picture you loaded is on flickr. I’m not sure how they assign static addresses there, so that might have something to do with it.

  11. JanieBelle says:

    Right. My mistake, but the point is that he’s seeing your picture, so it doesn’t sound like the problem is a third party website. In fact, the problem seems to be only with the images hosted at blogger.

    I’m thinking blogger images are locked out by his AV software.

    Blogger may be on a built-in default blacklist. May also be blacklisted by Adblock, which is built into FireFox.



  12. JanieBelle says:

    Let me just append that comment by saying that Adblock looks like it’s pretty customizable, so it may be that somewhere along the line Alan blocked an image from blogger and instead of just nailing that one image, he nailed them all from blogger with an overzealous wild card.

    Alan, check to see if blogger is in your list of blocked image sites in Adblock. I’m really thinking that’s where the problem is now.


  13. Alan Fox says:


    Spot on. “Block image” was ticked. Must have done it accidentally. Sorted now.


  14. JanieBelle says:

    Happy to help. It’s good to be seen.



  15. JanieBelle says:

    So back to the spider.

    Anyone out there an expert?

    What sort of critter is this?

    Kisses for anyone who actually knows.

    JanieBelle and Kate

  16. Anonymous says:

    “It’s the first time I’ve seen a spider like this.”

    HeHeHe. Welcome to NC. It is a very common garden spider. News From The Woods Since I use to live in the woods I have several pictures of them. Not sure about the species but the genus name is Argiope.

    Look here:Natural Sciences
    and there are some great pictures here:Carolina Nature

    I’ll see if I can dig up my pics. They are actually on film! One big mutha was about the size of my hand and had built a web about eight feet across between two porch posts. Spiders like that crack the same jokes that the giant s’quitos down in Alabama do; “hey Joe,? do we eat them here or carry them on home for dinner?”

    vino of wil

    I wonder is argiope is linguistically related to the greek calliope? ARDEN!

  17. JanieBelle says:

    And no we aren’t heathens, once a country girl always a country girl.

    Well how do you like them apples? We didn’t know we had no girl postin’ here! Who done let the girl in? Oh wait… WE’RE girls. oh yeah. Girls rule!

    Well welcome to LADY vino of wil. (See, now the name makes sense.)

    But there are advantages, such as strolling about ones yard in in your bloomers, peeing in your back yard when your water is off, or drinkin’ on your front porch then shootin’ the cans just for the hell of it.

    How come you gotta live in the country to stroll around your yard in your bloomers or pee in the yard? If you do the drinking first, you see….

    Do share your pics, vino. We’d love to see ’em.

    JanieBelle and Kate

  18. Anonymous says:

    I kept going through other sites pictures and think that your choice is most likely right. I haven’t succeeded in finding a garden spider that matched your spider as well as the dolomedes pic you found. I plead bias as I have been around argiope forever and just love to look at them and their webs.

    You may not like this, but I am a guy. The site I referenced is my sister’s. I just used it to illustrate the remote nature of our home. She still lives there, where I no longer do. Spent a lot of time roaming the woods looking at bugs and spiders. It’s funny though, we are both from Columbus. Alot of family in Upper Arlington, though we lived in Whitehall. Hope you don’t mind.

    vino of wil

  19. JanieBelle says:

    Hi vino!

    Sorry for the gender mix up. Kate and I both thought the site was yours.

    Tell your sister we enjoy reading it, though. She should get back to it.

    Why would we mind if you’re a guy? We like guys just fine.

    Upper Arlington was a bit out of our price range. We lived in the Bottoms for a while when we first moved there. That place turned into a war zone, though, so we wound up further west.

    The one really cool thing I remember about the bottoms, though, was that we could walk a half a block down Central to Broad. It was very cool to look down Broad right at downtown. I don’t think I had ever seen a road so straight growing up.

    And the big tall buildings just captivated me. I once walked all the way to High street, just because, and then I went inside the State Building (The Buckeye Building maybe? It had all the state government offices in it I think.) and went up as high as I thought I could get away with. I had this irrational fear of being thrown out for some reason.

    Anyways, I got out of the elevator and found the nearest window and just stared for like an hour. You could see forever.

    There was a blind lady who had a little snack shop in there, on another floor. I stopped and talked to her for a while, and she gave me a Snickers. I wish I remembered her name. I’d like to go back just to say “hello” because she was so kind. She told me that if anyone gave me any slack about being in there, just tell them I was her granddaughter. It was sweet that she would play along with me, instead of just telling me that anyone was allowed to be in there.

    At Christmas time, we’d drive around the more wealthy neighborhoods to look at the lights. My Dad even showed me the house where Dave Thomas (of Wendy’s fame) used to live. That was neat.

  20. Arden Chatfield says:

    In my front porch in California we had this insane looking spider with a huge web — she was BRIGHT BRIGHT yellow, about the color of an ear of corn, and had a huge round abdomen literally about the width of a dime. She had this ginormous web that always had several bugs and moths thrashing around in it, so she was *real* well fed. The odd thing was she seemed to live forever — she was a fixture of that corner of our porch for like 6 months. She became quite an institution at our house for a while. I missed her a lot when she disappeared.

  21. JanieBelle says:

    Hi Arden!

    See, that sounds like an argiope to me. Check out vino’s links for pictures.

    Good to see you Arden.

    Kisses from us both.

    JanieBelle and Kate
    (vino will have to speak for himself)


  22. Arden Chatfield says:

    For some reason, the SF Bay Area is home to millions of different species of spiders, none of them apparently averse to living indoors.

    California also ‘boasts’ an Argentine carpenter ant colony that is over 500 miles long. Seriously.

  23. JanieBelle says:

    California also ‘boasts’ an Argentine carpenter ant colony that is over 500 miles long. Seriously.

    No WAY! 500 miles? That’s just insane. Bugs are cool, but that’s moolatta ants.

    And apparently Argentine Carpenter Ants can’t read a map very well. Or whoever named them can’t.

    JanieBelle and Kate

  24. blipey says:

    Wow. I thought my time in Florida was spent with too many ants. Of course, the only ants in Florida are fire ants–so that may have something to do with my over-hatred of the itchy devils.

    I remember reading somewhere (though I can’t remember where, sorry–it was several years ago) that all the fire ants in the US are part of one super-colony, stretching from Arizona to Florida.

    The article had a population map over the geographical area the super-colony ranged. It was quite depressing for us; we only had 3 cans of Raid.

  25. JanieBelle says:

    Wow. I’m going to have ant nightmares tonight.

    Should make for some interesting poetry, but…

    You guys know WAY too much about gihugic ant colonies.

    We had a big ant hill out by our mailbox a few weeks ago. Ruthie said they were fire ants, but I wasn’t getting close enough to find out. Ruthie’s husband whacked it with the weed wacker, and we haven’t seen them since. I hope they decided to move to Kansas City or something….

    JanieBelle and Kate

  26. Arden Chatfield says:

    No WAY! 500 miles? That’s just insane. Bugs are cool, but that’s moolatta ant

    Believe it. Or, as my daughter would say, ‘for rills’.

    It’s like what Blipey said. The Argentinian ants were accidentally introduced, they proved to be much more aggressive than the native ants, and they quickly formed a super-colony that literally stretches from LA to SF. The problem is since the founder colony was so small, they’re all basically genetically identical, so an ant entering one nest from another is not recognized as an intruder (and thus killed), so this allows them to spread super fast. So now there’s literally billions of the little bastards.

    At least they don’t bite, but they do come into people’s kitchens in the winter. They especially like cat food.

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  • "Did you know that you don't close your eyes all the way when you sleep?

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Awards and Nominations

WhoreChurch Seal of Approval

Celluloid Blonde Award

  • Best You People Are Truly Geeks Post

Thinking Blogger Award

Excellent Blog Award

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Order of the Science Scouts

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